Daily Post #002

Yes, I didn’t post yesterday, so I’m writing up now instead. Reading MANHWA So You’re Raising a Warrior, ch. 47: Lots of delightful interactions! Verr remains precious. Friend is super interesting. Wish I actually understood everything going on with the third guardian, but usually these things clarify themselves quickly. Looking forward to the next chapter. […]


OW5K Letter

Hello, dear original fiction writer!

First off, thank you and I’m so happy we could connect over one or more ships and/or characters! I strongly prefer science fiction or fantasy with an emphasis on characters or worldbuilding, but am eager to see whatever you come up with.

Prompts in the letter are grouped by what I’m most hoping to see from the fic, but is not an indicator of preference. I would love fic for absolutely any of these. If you get excited and want to write more than one ship, please, please, please, be my guest! Thank you again!

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