Daily Post #004-005

So I don’t post on Sabbath (unless it’s prescheduled by accident) but did a lot of catchup reading last night and today.



Words Unread, by we don’t know yet. My gift for wdlf! It’s Avatar the Last Airbender, Katara and Toph on another girl’s day out and it’s delightful friendship, splashing, Toph actually feeling blind, and canonically sound reflections on soulmateyness. LOVE!!!


Rewriting the Villainess, ch. 9: I really like how she takes care of herself. Love that she and brother are starting to get on better. On the fence about the friend, since I still ship her and childhood friend that she doesn’t seem to realize she needs to treat like her bestie rather than just get new friends. Sigh.

Mythical Errand, ch. 41: Super confused, didn’t actually like this chapter (a first for the manhwa). Hopefully clarified next week.

The Siren, ch. 35: Lovely! I’ve been waiting and waiting for this chapter: where she saves the mom, makes a connection with her future husband, and also important, manages to not die in the process. The chapter delivered and I am happy.

How to Become a Dragon, ch. 113: Excellent! Yeongno is rescued, even if I have no idea how he’s going to recover. The dragon that abused him got told off (nicely, it is Bari). There’s hope for the future on the other side of the next adventure. I truly love this manhwa so much.

Tori & Samuel, ch. 183: Delightful and precious as always, but also super funny the whole misunderstanding at the end! I love this one.

The Greatest Estate Developer, ch. 31-32: A fantastic end to the lobster fight, and I’m genuinely worried about Lloyd. The poor sad faces on his summons’!

Meow Meow, ch. 64: Super cute, as always.


The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, ch. 0-3: So yeah, I got the other books from the library first, starting with How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories, which was gorgeous and perfect and utterly my kind of book, and then read through a chunk of Wicked King and Queen of Nowhere before this came in. So starting in on it and Jude is less annoying in this than Wicked King and more like how I liked her in King of Elfhame, so a great start overall. Though it promises to give me the Locke storyline and I’m not looking forward to that. He’s kind of annoying too. Though he was tolerable in Taryn’s book.


Yesterday was a just functional enough to go to work and pretend to human day. 3/10

Moving well today, didn’t do anything for my health beyond take stuff at the right intervals, but I was more functional than usual and had clearer thinking, so 6/10. A good day.


Basically a bunch of song snippets and nonfiction audio snippets in my Otter app, which puts in an attempt at also transcribing, which was atrocious on the songs and decent but not grand on the talky bits, which is about what I expected.

Also two songs pretty well solidified even if I’m really, really glad I recorded, since somehow I can’t sing one of them in the correct tune now at all.

Now, hopefully this evening will get another chapter done on the boarding school fic. Off to the pen with me!

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