An Update I Guess

So I haven’t been blogging. This isn’t news. But basically, I didn’t have energy and I kind of feel bad for doing so much less communication with anybody I care about, but I also haven’t been up to making it happen anyway. That’s what bad health will do to you.

And to be completely honest, I’ve still been digging myself out of some serious depression after I ended up realizing how far I have fallen on that front. Let’s just say if my chronic health issues have started affecting my ability to think and function in a most basic manner (which was already clear to me from my degraded ability to do my dayjob), then maybe don’t mod anything. Biggest regret ever that I didn’t see that coming and quit before things went bad.

Progress is being made on the health front, but when you’re basically fighting just not to get worse, that’s not really indicative of improvement yet. I remain hopeful for actual improvement and just continue to plug away at trying to survive in the meantime.

Back to writing again, which suffers from the same problems the rest of my life does: health doesn’t always allow me to be functional, but when I am functional, I’m enjoying the ability to put words on paper again towards the current novels-in-progress. While I look forward to actual improvement, here too I’ll be grateful to just hold steady.

So this is a cheerful post! But ah well. I do feel a bit more cheerful than it sounds. Because at least I don’t feel like I’m on a slippery slope to worst most days anymore, which is where I’ve been for a little too long to be comfortable.

Hope you’re all doing well! Much love!

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