Today’s Haul: Poetry and Prose

So I was horrible at running Patreon and crossposting last year and here’s hoping to be slightly better. I intend to take everything posted on first access in 2019 and make it free by the end of the month.

Posted for first access ($1/mo.) today are three poems, all written today:

  1. labelsI could be bold / like the colors of ancient crayons / unlikely adjectives sprawled / over the yellow labels…
  2. a namecall me something, anything, / I used to say, / as though just having a name / was good, though it wasn’t…
  3. lamp on the woodbright lamp on the wood beside my window / keeping watch with steady eye and yellow…

Available for free on website and AO3, fanfic:

  1. In Small Moments (Bourne Movies): Nicky Parsons/Jason Bourne – The asset wasn’t known for tender compassion or warmth. If he was, Nicky assumed, he wouldn’t be an asset. But there was a certain amount of liability in being an obvious plant that disappeared at irregular intervals, always when someone of import within the country died, and there was something to be said for the traditional old standbys for covers. [on AO3], [on website]

The last was written for Happy Belated Treatmas 2019 for Ashling, who prompted arranged marriage and tenderness and hurt/comfort and upon discovering Bourne was an option, this AU just sprang into my head, basically because arranged marriage fit so well with the whole undercover asset thing and having a relationship that was both professional and intensely personal. I really loved stepping back into Nicky’s head for a minute and was really happy the recipient liked it.

I’ll get my other Treatmas fics crossposted soonish.

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