A New Year

I could totally do goals! I could. I had a good 2019 for writing goals, bad on some fronts, but better than if I hadn’t had the goals.

2019’s Writing Goals:

  1. Finish 1000 poems
  2. Finish 365 ficlets (fanfic one-shots count here even if longer)
  3. Finish 52 original short stories

2019’s Accomplishments: Well, to start off with, I haven’t properly run all the numbers, but I’ll take a stab at the poetry despite not having finished typing things up.

  1. Finished more than 1000 poems (980ish typed and we won’t discuss the backlog of in notebook, not typed)
  2. Finished 213 fanfic or original ficlets
  3. Finished 9 original short stories

Boy, do I want to move that #3 needle, but that wasn’t a bad 3rd run at writing prose daily. Not what I wanted, but not bad.

So next year: I want to do all the things, to be honest. I want to finish writing books, compiling anthologies, finish those gift stories I never did because the guilt hangs over my head all the time, and I want to finish short stories too. I want to crosspost things to patreon and publish every week, so people have a reason to subscribe, and collect the month’s haul of writing into something publishable, and the truth is I haven’t compiled reasonable goals yet. I could keep up with the average 3 poems/day and that wouldn’t be hard, but I truly want to focus in on producing and making available fiction.

Ah, we’ll see what happens.

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