On a Health Front

There’s such a thing as way too many pills. And I’m actually out of CBD and NS Calm and am not drinking enough of the right teas to make up for it.

I’ve got these exercises I’m supposed to do to help my sciatica, to build up my core and train my diaphragm, since apparently I use my core to breathe and am constantly making an unconscious decision whether effort or oxygen is more important, oooh yay, but I failed dramatically at doing any of them when I came down with a touch of strep. While I managed to stave off the worst of that, the low-level feeling ugh that goes with that has lingered since. And I haven’t gotten back to chiro in those three weeks, so I’m also frequently getting twinges of sciatica that get way too painful.

Aka, I have a few health-related ponies to climb back aboard. And some days I stare at the almost 20-pill monstrosity that is my lunch to-take and just think, please, pretty please, no more pills.

too many pills
not enough joy
thank you, I pray
that I’m still alive

I’m sure that my day
will improve if I praise
it’s better than pills
but for those too, give thanks

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