AU Ex 2019 Letter (In Progress)

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Abigail Armstrong/Wes Cooper (Dance Academy)

About the Ship

Canon I’ve Consumed

I’ve watched all three seasons of Dance Academy and have not watched the movie yet and am hoping desperately they don’t break up, though I’m fairly certain Wes is entirely ignored in it. Feel free to spoil me in fic if you want to use movie canon as well (I actually like spoilers).

What I Love About the Ship

So first off, I hated Abigail in season 1. In season 3, she was my favorite thing about Dance Academy. And I loved Wes and all the hints of the start of their relationship in Barcelona and that he made her happy and Ethan wouldn’t even speak of it afterward and that Wes knew her well enough to send her bubble wrap. That is seriously beautiful.

The way they both pushed and pulled and ignored and teased was delightful. I love them soooo much from pretty much the moment he showed up. And he wants her to be happy because she deserves to be happy, despite everything and he did the thing on the bridge that she came up with top of her head to get rid of him and just, I love them okay?

I love all her prickly bits and practicality and respecting Tara suddenly for surviving school despite the distraction of trying to interpret boyfriend’s behavior and I love his stubbornness and gentleness and the way he listens to her and their long distance relationship thing was absolutely priceless, tech issues and all.

About Other Relationships

Am fine with any canonical relationships in the background or acknowledging her previous relationship with Sammy. Otherwise, I’d rather just focus on Abigail/Wes.

About Smut

May I suggest first times and exploring each other, getting over hangups sex, comfort sex, morning sex, or we’re dancing/choreographing in name only then having sex, and also regarding those delightful long distance relationship moments in season 3, phone/webcam sex.

Ship-Specific DNWs

Unhappy ending or breaking up the ship.

See general and kink DNWs at top of letter.


Soulmate AU; Soulmates share a talent; soulbonding makes it better

Okay, so basically my favorite thing about both of them is their competence and drive and they’re both talented in the realm of dance, so I love the idea of them doing soulbonding in pursuit of a common goal. Also, I just absolutely love soulmates and would adore to see interesting takes on this that incorporate well with canon. If doing soulmarks, no names please. I like it when it feels biologically feasible and doesn’t require a particular kind of society or foreknowledge to work.

Fuck/Marry/Kill Is Sometimes Legally Binding

Because they are exactly the kind of people to do this kind of game and get stuck with the results on a dare or due to unexpected laws of the universe. Though tbh, I’m more interested in them having to marry or have sex and please make only one part of this equation binding.


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