Worldbuilding Ex 2019 Letter

Dear wonderful creator!

Thank you for creating something for me! I’m excited about every single one of these fandoms and look forward to whatever you make. This letter may include spoilers.

Despite the (hopefully helpful) wall of text, I’m not generally that picky. I like canon relationship dynamics (angry, angsty people who never talk about their feelings still don’t talk about their feelings even in a fluffy scenario), and canon worldbuilding details and seeing how those mesh with whatever new scenarios you come up with or translate into a new environment.

General Preferences

General squicks, triggers, and loves by category.

General Likes

  • tea
  • cats
  • established relationships with a ton of history behind them
  • expanding on the worldbuilding or character or relationship history
  • characters’ canonical competence—whether that’s watching them acquire their skills or ply them
  • characters geeking out on the things they love
  • languages or communicating around not sharing one
  • the aftermath of or recovery from or learning to live with permanent or major disability or injury

I love it when stories incorporate cultural details, details on how the world works like the economy, industry, religion, or social circles and rules, and language details, whether that’s just the acknowledgement of how language is used or actual other language in-fic. I prefer getting dropped into a fully formed world that doesn’t always bother to explain everything, and love it when differing cultures and viewpoints within the world clash. I adore internally consistent pseudo-science and technobabble, origin stories, alternate races, and well-developed power systems for magic, technology.

With superhumans, I love things that explore how abilities work under the hood, how to train them or master them, and love digging into experimentation backstories and the consequences of the rules of how power works.

If there are magical or technological artifacts or objects in canon, I love exploration of those and consequences and extrapolations from whatever canonical details we have, e.g. the Dresden Slate of K or the anacapa drive of the Diving Series. I want to know so much more about either.

Magic/Power Systems

I’m equally in love with superhumans and fantastical “science fiction” abilities and science developed to the point of being magic or with fantasy creatures like fairies and dragons and actual magic systems whether predictable and following rules or wild and unpredictable, so go with whatever you love best or makes more sense to you. I’m also happy with handwaves for how a magic or science fiction premise works so long as the way it works is internally consistent.

General DNWs

  • crossdressing
  • genderswap
  • embarrassment
  • horror
  • surprise scares
  • zombies
  • vampires
  • amputation
  • maiming
  • puncture wounds or gaping wounds
  • mind control
  • witchcraft terminology (non-witchcraft magic systems are fine)
  • body-related humor
  • sickness-related yuck
  • bodily fluids other than blood
  • non-canonical infidelity/cheating or other betrayal
  • graphic violence or gore
  • unrequested non-canonical or open relationships
  • unrequested non-canonical character death
  • I also have no problem with assassination but do have a problem with murder. I know. Fine line.


Style/Structure Likes

  • any length from drabble to epic
  • poetry
  • N+1 fics
  • mixed media
  • interactive fiction
  • traditional narrative
  • footnotes (especially linked)
  • multi-language fics with translations including binary or canon-specific stuff
  • any person or tense

Style/Structure DNWs

  • readerfic
  • scripts
  • teleplays



K: Christmas 1944 (Side Story)

Characters: Original Characters, Any Characters, Original King(s) Created by the Slate, Original Creator of the Slate, Adolf & Klaudia Weismann & Kokujoji Daikaku

Worldbuilding: The Dresden Slate: According to the Christmas 1944 short, the Dresden Slates have roman letters of “King” on them, were created with magic using the five elements, and were sealed so they would stop functioning until Weismann, Klaudia, and Kokujoji unsealed them partially. I want to know so much more about the Slate, how it works, who created it, what it was designed to do, why it got sealed and buried in the first place, what happened to the magic that created it, why is it sentient. Tell me more.


K (Anime)

Characters: Original Characters, Any Characters

Worldbuilding: Scepter 4: So how the organization works, the stuff it does, why they weren’t sure they could fulfill all their duties towards Strains without a King, how they train newfound Strains, a day in the office, the different departments and how they all work together, how non-Sword members use their blue aura, how they operate and interface with the rest of the government, beyond when they’re just dictating to the Prime Minister that is. You know, how it runs.

Worldbuilding: Homura: I love Kingdom of Red and getting a glimpse into how Homura formed and why it does what it does and the hints throughout various materials of the business and networks they run with the underground. I’d love to see more of how they function and operate and stay afloat and what they do to protect the fringes of society. I want to see where the clan fits in between the other elements of society.

Worldbuilding: Post-Dresden Slates Clansmen or Strains: Seeing as canonically, pre-existing strains retain their powers and clansmen at least retain their superhuman strength and durability, I really want to know more about what continues, what doesn’t, what changes, and how they all interrelate.

Worldbuilding: Blooming of the Dresden Slate: So presumably, the Slate was originally designed to do something. Was that really to turn every single person into Kings? Why only seven auras then? What did the Slate feel about Nagare’s plan? Did it give it to him? Tell me more please. I need to know so much more.


Diving Series – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Characters: Original Characters, Any Characters, Yash Zarlengo

Worldbuilding: Anacapa Drive: I need to know so much more. How did the Fleet get it? What does it really do? How does it really work? More about how do engineers work with it. I just need more.

Worldbuilding: Spires of Denon: These things are seriously intriguing and I need to know more about this unusual security system, the people themselves and their conquering culture, and what happened to them, but really anything here.

Worldbuilding: The Boneyard: I’m in love with the spaceship porn in this series and want to know all about the Boneyard and what it was set up to do and how it’s supposed to function. Is it really abandoned? Is it a Bermuda Triangle type trap? Why did the Fleet set it up?


Bungou Stray Dogs

Characters: Nakahara Chuuya, Dazai Osamu

Fandom-Specific DNW: non-Japanese Chuuya (if human)

Worldbuilding: Ability User A5158 | Arahabaki: Okay, so technically this is about one character, but I’m really interested in the worldbuilding. How they captured a god to use as an ability? This whole ability-grafting program? Was he supposed to be a Hunting Dog? Was Chuuya a person before they grafted him and Arahabaki or was he generated by the incident that separated him from part of Arahabaki? How much of For the Tainted Sorrow was his before he acquired Corruption, if any of it? What did they do to him? I want to know everything about this program and what happened and Dazai not required but I don’t mind throwing in how come he can’t turn off Lovecraft but he can turn off Arahabaki? Details, I need details.


Legend of Korra

Characters: Any Characters

Worldbuilding: Earth Kingdom Politics, Earth Kingdom Infrastructure: So the whole situation in season 4 and Kuvira trying to help made me want to know more about how the EK worked, how it was supposed to work, and how this reuniting and city-state kings thing worked when there was a Earth King/Queen in place. And how it worked when she had reunited it. There’s a lot of mixed bag in what Kuvira was doing which was based a lot around the fact that she was coming at it from the bigger picture perspective of what she thought the nation needed, and that just makes me want to understand more of what the Earth Kingdom needed and how the other nations were interacting with it, seeing as it was based on a time period in Chinese history of similar problems, industrialization, rampant banditry, and other nations taking base advantage. I’d love to see some real worldbuilding that doesn’t gloss over the complicated mess.

Worldbuilding: Zaofu City-State: Likewise, Zaofu is fascinating with its friendly police state and shutting everyone in at night and its wealth and strength due to metalbending. I’d love to see more about how the city worked and what it was like to live there, where everyone was nominally family under the Clan and what that all meant. Likewise, seeing it founded and set up would also be great.

Worldbuilding: Inventions and Technology in the Four Nations and the Republic: There’s so much innovation and new inventions and technology left and right in LOK. I love Asami! I love Varrick! They both have issues but they’re just inventing away and I want to see in their labs and heads and diagrams and how technology is changing and developing and how they’re harnessing and training lesser known bending types, like what they were doing with lightning bending, and just tell me more please!

Worldbuilding: The Avatar World-Spirit: I never thought the newer Wan mythology made much sense with the Avatar being the World Spirit and the spirits not being even remotely confined to the Spirit World, seeing as they crossed over all the time, in season 1 and season 2. I’d love to see some in depth reconciliation of all the disparate worldbuilding we’re given that makes it all make coherent sense together.


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