I’m kinda sorta existing again

But not taking on new commitments because apparently I have no idea when my truly horrible days will occur and they tend to spread a bit, wearing off a few days later.

That said, my grandfather is going to be getting medical bills soon for my grandmother and a kind person set up a gofundme to help defray expenses. That’s here.

Everyone in the house has had bills go up and I’m going to try and get a patreon going soon to hopefully cover the difference in cost my paycheck won’t cover and also get out the several hundred poems and stories I haven’t published yet. Apparently, I logged 438 poems in 2017 and so far 565 poems in 2018. I’ve also written more than 100 drabbles this year and a handful of short stories, so it’s past time to start collecting and publishing everything not really done up yet and making available what hasn’t even been posted. It’s a chunk of work, but even the difference of a hundred bucks a month would solve a major bill problem, so Patreon seems like the obvious solution. (Getting a better-paying job or a promotion right now isn’t really an option.)

That said, on a more funnish front, I’ve been eyeing some treats I never got written due to my life going south in a bad way that I might sit down and finish. Would anyone be interested in an anonymous AO3 collection, like Happy Belated Treatmas, with work reveals on New Years and author reveals a week later? There was some sort of collection like that a year or two or ago and I like the idea of treating people with a tiny (emphasis on tiny) bit of structure but no pressure since it’s a late treat and the recip isn’t technically waiting on it.

I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time watching World of Dance and The Voice because apparently I cannot brain while grieving and that’s about my level. But I’m in love with Charity and Andres and really, the creative advice is good for writers too if you pay attention.

And I’ve been conlanging again because of course the right kind of comfort is untangling how diphthongs fit into a vowel inventory in light of sound change and I decided somewhere along the way I couldn’t make a proto-language without knowing how the vowels changed over time (this is actually true) and that I couldn’t make related languages without making a proto-language (this is debatable but true if I want an even remotely good one) and most of all that I needed to flesh these languages out at all to write the stories where they appear (this is likely completely false). But whatever. I do seem to enjoy the exercise, and there are worse hobbies to have even if it’s an extraordinarily unproductive one for me, considering how much energy and time I have to put into it and how many people aren’t waiting on any finished product.

Hope everyone is doing better than I am right now. Love you all and thanks for all the well wishes you’ve sent, the good thoughts, and for being so kind about my lurking generally non-communicative state.

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