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I’ve been quietly attempting to write a drabble a day along with my poem a day and on the averages, which is all I care about, it’s been happening. I’m also signed up for two exchanges and am attempting a rewatch of a series in the middle of a crazy amount of workload at work and the only thing I’ve been making steady progress on is scribbling away at an original story because I decided to try and write something every post on a certain comm.

So in short, win some, lose some.

I’ve also been easily sidetracked into watching AMVs when I’m trying to brace myself for some of the parts of the series I’m rewatching that I don’t like and I really need to stop doing that. Distraction is terrible.

So all that off my chest…

Guys, I have totally picked up two new fandom obsessions, mentioned before as K and Bungou Stray Dogs, and I don’t know why I loved Fate/ just about as much, but I can’t seem to get comfortable enough to write much in it. It’s easier to get into K and BSD and feel like I’m writing something worthwhile and even potentially in character and I’m just more obsessed with them than others.

I haven’t written meta yet, haven’t recced art or AMVs or even fic again, despite encountering many favorites, and most of my WIPs are still exactly that: WIPs. I haven’t even talked about all of my favorites with any one person.

I love the juggernauts, which makes it easy to ignore the fact that I’m not squeeing over all my favorites. So I’m going to stop and do a little bit of love here.

In the first season of K, my favorite characters were Kurou, Anna, Mikoto, and Yata with a surprising amount of love for the Awashima/Kusanagi relationship, a wholly expected amount of love for Anna & Mikoto as a gen relationship, and also a lot of love for Mikoto/Munakata. My oddball rarepair I kind of wanted was Kurou/Kukuri, and why she never became a member of the Silver Clan is beyond me. Then I watched the second series and the movie (in that order too, the wrong order, ugh). And guys, guys, guys, I came out loving and wanting so many more things, like Mikoto/Totsuka and all the Kurou and Yukari gen fic with poetry and sword-fighting and being a good big brother in all the wrong ways and goodness, I just want Seri and Izumo to get married and I want AU fic where Mikoto and Totsuka are married and raise Anna together and I’ll never get over all the UST and pining that would still be between Mikoto and Munakata and I don’t like cheating but ugh, they have destroyed my feels, and yes, I love Fushimi/Yata, don’t get me wrong, but by the end of the second season, I loved Shiro even, who I started out disliking and didn’t actually like until he started getting his real memories back and then only loved after the whole damocles healing scene, and him and the lieutenant and Klaudia make me cry as much as Tatara. I still cry most over Mikoto, but this is the most feelsy show for me ever.

So I kind of love everybody?

I also have a mostly written Awashima/Kusanagi fic that I ought to finish and post but I’m experiencing stage fright for both BSD and K, in that I haven’t read all the manga most fans have and I’m kinda terrified of getting characterization or precanon/postcanon stories wrong, but I also really want to write them.

It’s easier to post Fushimi/Yata and Double Black fic because they’re the juggernauts and really active with fannish content, but the rarer pairings have me a little more nervous. And I’m trying to write these fandoms for exchanges and late treats and just in general, and I’m trying to remind myself of what it was like when I first dove into writing X-Men fiction in media I was unable to consume readily, and I was a brave little thing back then. I’m not little anymore and I’m not really in the same mental space as when I was a teenager. I didn’t care then about almost anything. Now I do care, a lot.

Just some thoughts.

Also, for the record, I love Kyouka/Atsushi and Lucy/Atsushi and really need to write something for them. Just saying.

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