More state of the scribbler stuff…

Sometimes, it’s easier to tell a story than to “show”, and sometimes that’s okay and sometimes less so. I’m in a less so phase, trying to remember how I used to do this. It feels wobbly, more like trying to play piano after years of forgetting and not doing it than getting back on a bike and muscle memory taking over.

It should be a little easier than this. Just saying.

Got a new storyworld in my head, which I didn’t need, and made minor progress on writing more in Kingdoms and Thorn. Haven’t finished much worth speaking of, except lots of poetry, and still haven’t started my Chocolate Box assignment.

Been out sick for a week, fallen in love with three new fandoms, and am test-driving another because it comes highly recommended by a fandom friend.

I owe lots of people Christmas poetry books. I’m excited about doing them. I keep writing poetry. That’s that. The whole sick thing? Yeah, I’ve not gotten much done on any front for two months actually. 🙁 But it’s getting better, we hope. Doctor says I’ll be up and down for a while.

I finally figured out why I’m fascinated with and constantly writing about mind, memory, telepathy, mental bonds, etc. but DNW mind control. I was talking to my grandfather about speculative fiction and it’s all a metaphor and unraveling my own head has been quite the journey since I was a suicidal kid. I’m not suicidal anymore though, so that’s good.

I promise to write something more worthwhile to read soon. In the meantime, hope you all are doing well. I’m always wishing you well.

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