franzi’s and gecko’s friends letter 2017

Dear wonderful writer!

Thank you for writing me a story, and please don’t mind the wall of text. Read what’s useful, ignore what isn’t. I will love pretty much anything you write for me. Thank you so, so, so much!

General squicks, triggers, and loves by category.


I like deep characterization and backstory, family, deep platonic bonds, worldbuilding, chosen family, digging into a character’s mental/emotional space, asexual romance, romance, established relationships, developing trust, character studies, identity exploration, character competence, fluff, angst, and situational humor.

Please don’t write embarrassment, graphic violence or gore, body-related humor, betrayal/infidelity, tragedy/deathfic, horror, character or ideology bashing, PWP (with plot, more than fine), first person fic, on-screen uncensored profanity. I also have no problem with assassination but do have a problem with murder. I know. Fine line.


I like soulmates, soulmarks (not names), soulbonds, secret relationship, sharing a bed, domestic fic, holiday fic, arranged marriage, fake marriage, friends to lovers, rivals to lovers, AIs, accidental relationships, time travel with consequences, animal transformations/shapeshifter, brainwashing, amnesia. I like well thought out crossovers and the occasional fusion, canon-divergent AUs more than total AUs.

I don’t mind coffee shop AU, school AU, reincarnation, historical AU.

Please don’t write alternate gender norms, mind control, zombie, supernatural, daemons, post-apocalyptic, instalove.


I like bondage, breathplay, sensory deprivation, bloodplay, weapons play, delayed orgasm, some D/s, situational power dynamics type dub-con.

I’ll read but am not a fan of pain play, dirty talk, oral, and cock rings/cages.

Please don’t write scat, water sports, bodily fluids other than blood, lifestyle D/s, ageplay, mpreg, consent play, incest, underage, a/b/o, straight up dub-con.


Divergent Series

General canon likes:

  • Tobias Eaton
  • Tris Prior
  • Christina
  • post-canon Tobias/Cara
  • pre-canon Jeanine/+Andrew Prior
  • pre-canon Andrew Prior/Natalie Prior
  • pre-canon Abnegation: Evelyn + Natalie + Andrew
  • pre-canon Erudite: Evelyn + Andrew + Jeanine
  • worldbuilding, Factions not falling apart
  • backstory on the adults
  • Tori
  • training montages, knife-throwing, competence porn, etc.



A slightly canon-divergent AU where she survives, but it’s rough and there’s therapy and the two of them end up being a big part of the city rebuilding and there is awesomesauce competence and disabled Tris and they love each other anyway and there’s disabled sex and great friendships on the side and, and, and.

Canonical masochism anyone? I would love to read about the two exploring Four’s masochistic streak in the bedroom, even if Tris isn’t 100% comfortable at first and then gets on board with it or is really into it the whole time. I’m all for ignoring the end of the world, character death, society imploding, etc. when it comes to this one.

For a fluffy option, how about the AU life she imagined for them before everything went sideways. Happily ever afters are always lovely with enough fluffy on-screen affection and warm fuzzies. For the angsty version of the fluffy option, put it in virtual reality with that canonically masochistic Four, seeing him balancing two worlds, one that’s utterly perfect and one that’s utterly without her.

Mission: Impossible (Movies)

General canon likes:

  • ensemble mission fic and banter
  • recruitment/training scenes
  • character-focused mission montages
  • normal IMF work with political or fieldwork details and relationships

Brandt, Jane Carter, Luther, Ilsa

I love all these characters and I really, really love Luther and Brandt harping at each other and their entire dynamic in Rogue Nation and both characters in their own rights from MI1 and MI3. Ilsa stole the entire MI4 show for me with her own implied history and future, and I just love Carter to bits. I’d love backstory or mission fic or stuck together cute or post-canon for any of them in any combination. I especially love training sequences, competence porn, and banter. Not necessarily together but when they are together, I will roll around in heaven for it.


I ship it. Less fluffy, more realistic with their world and I like the idea of more straitlaced Brandt and more uncaring of others opinions Carter and I’d love fic that takes into account their different backgrounds and personalities and how they connected to each other in Ghost Protocol. And I still just absolutely adore her awkwardness about showing attraction. Would love to see either get together or established relationship. Would love first time fic or bedroom fic or out in the field fic equally.

X-Men (Movieverse)

General canon likes:

  • I loved X1, liked X2, and can live with X3 but was not a fan
  • I loved First Class and haven’t seen the other two, but especially like when the worlds work together
  • younger X-Men: Rogue + Kitty + Pyro + Bobby + Jubilee
  • older X-Men: Jean + Scott + Storm + Logan
  • First Class: Raven + Erik + Charles, also Hank and Moira, shipped Raven/Erik, Raven/Charles, Raven/Erik/Charles, Raven/Hank, Charles/Moira
  • mission fic, training fic, class from teacher or student perspective, focus on powers or mastering them


My favorite X-Men character, bar none, and I’d just love to see something focusing on her place in the X-universe, especially getting to see her come into her own or mastering her powers or at least owning them and using them with competence and being sassy, even if it’s more understated movieverse sass than sometimes over-the-top comics sass. I’m really a Rogue/Remy shipper, so I’d rather not see her paired with Logan or Bobby, but I love her platonic relationship with Logan.

Erik/Mystique, Charles/Raven

So First Class gave me a serious love of Erik/Mystique and how they complement each other so well by actually respecting each other and their abilities, and I totally fell for an unrequited Charles is in love with Raven but doesn’t act on it because she’s supposed to be his sister, and maybe, okay, I even kind of headcanon he wants her to not show her blue self because he’s head over heels for it, but you can just ignore that. Or not. And I just love how complex all three of them are and would love to see them disagreeing on some things and agreeing on other things and teaming up in different ways or teaching together and caring about each other through it all, and if you’re inspired to write some dirtybadwrong guilt-ridden psuedo-incest, don’t let me stop you.


“The Boy Who Destroyed the World” destroyed my shipper feels and I fell head over heels in love with this pairing. I don’t know even know what to say except I always want more of their good girl/bad boy, enemy lovers or even redeem the boy but make it hard and hurty dynamic, or working against a common enemy or unabashed porn without plot that still lets me feel the characters. Yeah. They don’t get much writer love anymore, and I just always want more, more, more.


General canon likes:

  • team interactions and banter and shenanigans
  • casefic or domestic fluff
  • canon-type humor
  • Eliot cooking and fighting at the same time, gimme
  • Ships: Parker/Hardison, Sophie/Nate, Maggie/Sterling
  • Maggie in general. Love her.

Parker, Eliot

Parker’s pretty much my favorite, and I always love looking through her skewed, sweet perspective, hanging off of buildings with her, or seeing more of her playing with the toys Hardison gave her, like the green safecracker, and I’d love backstory fic/scenes too. She’s just so much fun.

Eliot, I just want to see him cook and teach people to cook, whether that’s Leverage people or characters from any other of the fandoms I’ve signed up with. I love him and food. If I ship him with anyone, it’s probably Mikel from “Two-Live Crew”. Feel free to not write shipfic.

Hardison/Parker, Sophie/Nate

I fell for Hardison/Parker when she was doing the walk to put their version of the law in and Hardison was blown away, calling her a legend, and Nate agreed not to tell anyone. Just love them and all their special moments and their adorable phone conversations in the girls/guys night episodes and the “Broken Wing Job”. I’d just love to see more of them being cute, figuring out how to be together, or more of his toys he makes her that she notably called “friends”.

Sophie/Nate won me over from episode one. I hated the running gag about her real name, so please don’t write about that. But just the way they were together was so real. They knew each other’s flaws and strengths and admired each other and the absolute way he seemed so besotted and in love from that first episode, and it never went away. I loved that they were total equals, totally on each other’s level, and the show never let one of them be more competent than the other. I love that about them, love watching them dance with each other, especially when they are trying to pull one over on the other or when he knew to pour that glass because she was going to take the bottle. It’s all the little things that make me adore them. I’d love to see them running a job together or against each other or just see them doing that complementary thing they do so well.

Bourne (Movies)

General canon likes:

  • spies
  • terrible living weapon backstory (this is my jam y’all)
  • living after the weapon
  • the women in the series
  • all the competence in action

Bourne, Nicky, Landy

I’d love to see fics for the in-between places, Nicky or Jason between movies when they’re on the run/in hiding and just living, whether or not they ever meet up. I’d love to see Jason and Marie between the first two movies or Nicky after she starts her new life. I’d love to see Landy actually coming out on top instead of getting screwed over, and Nicky never died. In fact, feel free to ignore movie four as I haven’t seen it, but if you include it, please just give me a spot extra background exposition. I’d love good backstory for Nicky and Bourne or Nicky and Landy in Ultimatum. Again, I love competence porn and training sequences and mission fic and those slice-of-life moments where character shines brightest.


Another case where I would love postcanon in between stuff, where they build a new life for themselves and how the living stuff goes. I’d love to see if she ever did more science, would super love shippiness, but especially want to see how they live in the aftermath of all that happened. If you wanted to cross this over with MCU, I really do love the idea of Aaron/Marta being Clint/Laura. If not your cuppa, don’t worry; I love them exactly the way they are in Bourne Legacy.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

General canon likes:

  • super competent spy people
  • linking things in to real world how politics, missions, or this stuff would go
  • continuity fix-its
  • mission fic, training montages, archery, Natasha or Bobbi or Melinda fight sequences
  • compartmentalization and professionalism with banter


My go-to pairing still. I just love to see them being competent and pragmatic and well trained, figuring out how to work around their vulnerabilities, her trying on normalcy for size, him being almost excessively good at compartmentalizing. If you write them, please just ignore Laura, Civil War, everything splitting up and apart. I’m interested in if the world was stable for a bit and seeing the two of them in it.

Prompts: siren!Natasha + deaf!Clint, some real engagement with Deaf!Clint, missionfic, rope or handcuffs bondage, really really quiet sex, enemy lovers, training montages and competence porn, whatever your heart desires

Crossover Prompts

  • Eliot Spencer’s Remedial Cooking Class for Underfed Spies and Secret Agents. Eliot teaches anyone how to cook or makes the famous Dauntless cake.
  • all the spy agencies exist in the same universe and deal with any canonical or non-canonical major incident your heart desires, think alphaflyer-style Bond/MCU fic
  • IMF has to save the world from/for the X-Men
  • Moira McTaggert joined one of those agencies
  • any law enforcement type body versus or off-the-books working with Leverage’s official company face or the X-Men
  • a Leverage crew fusion — MCU has some great grifters, just saying, and I’d be intrigued to see some of the Divergent or X-Men or IMF or Bourne (okay, any of ’em) cast as crew members. Build your own team.
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