Weekends used to be when I got everything done I didn’t have time for during the workweek. So often now, I have to just stop and rest. I’ve got the ideas for how to write out stories right now, but not the right headspace to write them.

There’s so many things I want to do, including put together those story or poetry collections and I know just how to do it too, but the energy’s just not there. It’s frustrating and yet, I feel like that lesson I learned in childhood that just accepting and choosing to rest is still important. If you’re stressed and guilty while resting, you don’t come out refreshed on the other side of it. If you actually stop and break and accept it, you feel better afterward.

A hard lesson sometimes, to stop and rest.

That said, I was gifted with a 2-day pass to crunchyroll for the purpose of watching the first episode of the Fifteen adaptation and I loved it. Sooooooo much. I love little bundle of fierceness Chuuya, his belief he’s going to keep growing (awww, nope, you’re done, kid), and his protectiveness of the Sheep. Also, his distaste for the Port Mafia specifically because they bathed Yokohama in blood and violence under the previous boss, which puts into perspective some of his later protectiveness of the city. He just really is a protective personality in general, I think, and chooses to use his gleeful love of destruction against targets he feels merit it and are harming people or places he cares about. Interesting. To me anyway.

I love how he rejects the label of king so strongly and how he absolutely loved going up against Hirotsu, and he kicked Dazai in the face! And picked up on the suicidal thing instantly at the first warning sign and they’re absolutely delightful bickering!

Ugh, I’m just so happy right now.

I thought about rewatching Dead Apple while I have the opportunity but instead braved the first episode of Yuri on Ice because every red flag for a potential favorite character is waving in Yuri Plisetsky’s direction, so here’s hoping I make it through the incredible amounts of secondhand embarrassment the first few episodes of an anime always seem to have. (Why? Can’t any of them just skip that part? :headdesk: )

Tomorrow, I have to do taxes and sort out how bad did I screw over my finances when I bought essentials on payday, so I can send off bill money. And I even forgot to buy some things, soooo that’s gonna be interesting. I don’t recommend living paycheck to paycheck. This is where getting on publishing a few hundred poems would be a good thing. Get right on that.

I still have that list of 8 people I intended to properly write after my negligent, hi y’all, I can barely function phase. Hopefully tomorrow?

Well, here’s hoping you’re all having a lovely weekend!

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