A Little Update

Been writing on Riftspace and my story for AU Exchange and got a start on the Original Works one. Everything is supposed to be on hold for AU Exchange though. Due this weekend. Working… It’s going well and I’m enjoying it but I’m behind because of how much work’s on my plate at work. I should be doing more now but am exhausted enough to cry.

Been approving tags for Multifandom Tropefest, regularly just doing the set I can do without thinking, then batching up stuff I have to apply a little brain juice or disambiguations to.

Also been rewatching The Good Wife because Leverage wasn’t available for comfort viewing and wow, I forgot how much I loved it. I never did finish the tail end of the penultimate season or the last season. Might do that. In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out what ships of mine to request crossovers with of David Lee or Will and Diane or Kalinda for the tropefest. I’d have a ball with seeing them interact in my other fandoms if I can just pull my brain together enough to figure out which ones.

I probably shouldn’t sign up to be honest. My plate is stuffed. Of course I’m going to.

Hope you’re all well!

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