Chocolate Box 2017 Letter

Thank you, kind creator, for whatever you make for me! I’m so excited about these relationships and fandoms, and despite the (hopefully helpful) wall of text, I’m not generally that picky. I like canon relationship dynamics (angry, angsty people who never talk about their feelings still don’t talk about their feelings even in a fluffy scenario), and canon worldbuilding details and seeing how those mesh with whatever new scenarios you come up with.

Table of contents

General Likes:

tea, cats, established relationships with a ton of history behind them that you can really feel in the way characters interact, expanding on the worldbuilding or character or relationship history we don’t see in canon but want to (I’m a sucker for a good backstory). I especially like focusing on characters’ canonical competence—whether that’s watching them acquire their skills or ply them—or geekery. I absolutely love seeing characters geek out on the things they love or see more extrapolation on it.

General DNW:

embarrassment, horror, zombies, mind control, body-related humor, sickness-related yuck, bodily fluids other than blood, non-canonical infidelity/cheating or other betrayal, graphic violence or gore, unrequested non-canonical relationships. I also have no problem with assassination but do have a problem with murder. I know. Fine line.

Kink Likes:

foreplay, arousal, biting, nipping, bondage, breathplay, sensory deprivation, bloodplay, weapons play (especially the weapons associated with a particular character), delayed orgasm, overstimulation, some D/s, situational power dynamics type dub-con, phone sex, wall sex, girl on top, very very quiet sex, using powers during sex, consensual somnophilia, voyeurism.

Kink DNWs:

I’ll read but am not a fan of pain play, oral, cock rings/cages. Please don’t use stock porn phrases in dirty talk, scat, water sports, sex toys, bodily fluids other than blood (am fine knowing there’s fluids in sex, just don’t want to read any graphic descriptions at all), lifestyle D/s, ageplay, mpreg, consent play, incest, underage, a/b/o, straight up dub-con, the endearment “babe” or “baby” if not canonical.

Art Likes:

I love so many art styles: line art, pen and ink, pencil drawings, colored pencils, paint, watercolor, digital art, etc. I’d say my favorite things in art tend to be the awe-inspiring realistic with vibrant colors and sharp or soft edges, line art / ink / pencil theme pieces that pick up visual symbols of the characters, and cute stylized fluff pieces with romance or humor in mind. I also adore illustrative art that captures a scene or moment of fic or canon. I would absolutely love landscapes or still lifes of any of the scenery or environments or architecture, etc. of any of my fantasy canons.

Art DNWs:

Please don’t draw any of my general, trope, or kink-related DNWs. Also, emaciated character styling, really red noses.


Marvel Crossovers

Loki (Marvel) & Q (Star Trek)

Please ignore the confusing plethora of tags required to request this. I just want to see Loki from any point in the Marvel multiverse (or any gender) interacting with Q. Two mischief makers with an incredible amount of power with the kinds of personalities that strike me as compatible to be friends. I just want to see them interact, whether it’s commentating, raising mayhem, commiserating, rewriting the universe, trolling each other’s favorite targets, trolling each other, friendly contests, whatever you can dream up.

Lorna Dane (The Gifted) & Erik Lehnsherr (X-Men Movies) & Pietro & Wanda Maximoff (MCU)

I just want to see this family together, with tension and issues or possibly tearful happy reunions and tension and issues. I feel like this is the perfect combination for the good and bad to get thrown in one story. I just want them together and, in the end at least, happy and alive.

Logan | Wolverine & Charles Xavier (X-Men Original Movies) & Ava (Roswell),
Logan | Wolverine & Charles Xavier (X-Men Original Movies) & Tess Harding (Roswell)

Roswell’s premise included that the Pod Squad actually got their powers from their human side, just evolved. If that’s not a match made in heaven with mutants, I don’t know what is. Ava and Tess both got the pointy end of the stick on the show and I’d love to see either end up at the Institute and get a shot at fitting in, learning their powers, reinventing themselves, and considering Ava’s and Tess’s mental ability, maybe having some telepathic style tension between them and Xavier.

Kushina Anna (K Project) & Phoenix | Jean Grey (X-Men Alternate Movies)

Seeing the phoenix aura Anna used and knowing Jean’s phoenix side, which I love, I just wanted to see these two interact, whether that’s from an allied, friendly, or less than friendly standpoint. Pulling in their respective team/clan characters fine, especially if Anna still gets to be Red King.

Nick Fury & Phil Coulson (MCU) & Suoh Mikoto & Kusanagi Izumo (K Project),
Phil Coulson (MCU) & Awashima Seri & Munakata Reisi (K Project)

I would love to see SHIELD attempt to diplomatically interfere with the whole Slates/Clans arrangement and run against the unmovable Blue Clan characters or the unable to be reasoned with and uncaring Red Clan characters. Frankly, this one was an idea I just found so amusing but with potential for some interesting character interactions because I love every single one of them. Maybe even it’s a post-Accords thing and Japan signed onto it and they’re trying to go “register” people according to international law and AU whatever necessary to make that work. Or anything else you can think of. Surprising and/or utterly confounding SHIELD characters brings me joy.

K Anime / Avatar Crossovers

I would prefer to treat a fusion or crossover seriously rather than cracky for these crossovers. You can handwave how the setting meets or actually fuse it, but I’m interested in the characters and character relationships as they are from their original canons, so am hoping for something reflecting that, however you want to do it.

Awashima Seri (K Project) & Lin Beifong (LOK)

These two police type characters strike me as two people who would hit it off and enjoy getting a drink together or working together. Awashima’s professionalism, Beifong’s practical nature, dealing with the underlings they care about, etc. They’d make such good friends.

Fushimi Saruhiko & Yata Misaki (K Project) & Iroh (ATLA),
Yata Misaki (K Project) & Iroh (ATLA)

These two could seriously use an Iroh. I love how they do eventually figure their relationship out in Return of the Kings, but I’d love to see Iroh try to help them along, even as they might rather he didn’t, ala Zuko.

Also firebending and red aura are a match made in heaven. I could see Yata looking up to Iroh and learning from him on multiple fronts.

Kushina Anna (K Project) & Iroh (ATLA)

I love Anna and I love Iroh and I was thinking more Red King version of Anna, but I’d be just as happy with Mikoto’s attachment version. These two would get along so well, and I could see him trying to draw her out a little or spoiling her or helping her when she’s learning to control her new aura as King.

Suoh Mikoto & Munakata Reisi (K Project) & Azula & Zuko (ATLA)

The firebending and Clan auras made me think of Mikoto and the Fire Nation royals but Reisi is one king who could actually equal them as well. For this one, a fusion or a crossover would be delightful. I could totally see Blue Clan as matching Water Tribe or Azula and/or Zuko as strains or Clansmen. Though Azula would want to be King… In short, this is a set of characters that lends itself well to just playing with it and seeing how bad it can get.

Toph (ATLA) & Yata Misaki (K Project)

Their attitude is so delightful and these two would be awesome friends, if they didn’t kill each other first in a bending/burning one-on-one. I’d love these two in a friendly contest or a hostile contest turned friendly or raising mayhem together or doing other kinds of non-powered contests like eating contests or dares or anything crazy and delightful.

Other Crossovers

Parker (Leverage) & Eugenides the God (Queen’s Thief)

My favorite thief (sorry, Gambit) and my favorite god of thieves. I’d love to see an AU where she’s his worshipper and he catches her and interacts with her the way he does with Gen. I’m thinking more keeping the modern Leverage setting, but if you want to throw her back in Queen’s Thief world, I’m fine with that too.

Tia & Tony Castaway (Escape to Witch Mountain) & Valancy & Francher (The People – Zenna Henderson)

I always thought this was the perfect, seamless crossover and would love an AU where they reach or are rescued by the People at the normal time or where they were taken to the chateau, “an island in a sea of blinding snow”, didn’t escape and see how they grew up, what they would do for Bolt, if they escaped later as adults or what happened when he died. I’d love to see Tony and Francher do music together, and I see Valancy as a wonderful potential mentor for Tia.

Tadokoro Megumi (Shokugeki No Souma) & Yatagomi Kurou (K Project),
Yatagomi Kurou (K) & Archer Emiya (Fate) & Eliot Spencer (Leverage) & Kurokiba Ryou (Food Wars)

Food! I love the way these characters relate to their cooking and I’d love to see a cookoff, friendly or high stakes, or just them hitting it off and bonding over cooking. This is one prompt where I wouldn’t mind cracky either. I just want all the cooks being overly serious about their food!

Dance Academy

Abigail Armstrong/Wes Cooper

What I’d really, truly love to see is Barcelona and the whole initial attraction/flirt/Ethan won’t even talk about it stuff, or first time sex, or working together post-canon with him choreographing and her dancing and them figuring out ways to spend time together while both being workaholics and being fine with that. I love how well he knows her and the way they interact. I want so much more.

Doppelganger Series – Marie Brennan


I love the history between these two, even while there’s the newness because Mirei isn’t just Mirage and that’s what gave them room to fall in love and have to figure out how to go from there. I’d love to see them starting a Starfall Hunting School or first time sex or just figuring out their relationship with the ups and downs of that considering all the history.

Fate/stay night and Related Fandoms

Child Gilgamesh & Arturia Pendragon | Saber,
Child Gilgamesh & Cú Chulainn | Lancer,
Child Gilgamesh & Kotomine Kirei & Tohsaka Rin,
Child Gilgamesh & Tine Chelc

So the short of this is I watched the relevant bits of Fate/kaleid and want all the Child Gilgamesh I can get my hands on. If I understand right, Gil did the kid thing between Fate/Zero and FSN and I’d love to see if he’d actually interacted with Rin and Kirei (preferably focusing on the fun bits and not the gruesome church basement), and in Fate/Strange Fake he was totally getting ready to go kid on Tine when Enkidu stopped him. But what if he hadn’t and it was Child Gilgamesh and Tine instead? I’d love to see him running around that part of the ‘verse.

Enkidu/Gilgamesh & Tine Chelc,
Enkidu/Gilgamesh/Arturia Pendragon,
Enkidu (Berserker) & Female Kishinami Hakuno,
Enkidu/Gilgamesh/Female Kishinami Hakuno

I’d prefer nothing that contradicts Enkidu as agender using masculine pronouns, but no need to make a point of it.

I’m currently obsessed with Fate’s Enkidu and Gilgamesh and I’d love to see them together at last, reunited one way or another, and I adore so much of the fic that has them with Hakuno. I love the fluffy stuff or the tearful, angsty reunions, the traveling the universe stuff, the exasperation because Gil is terrible and nothing’s ever going to change that. I’d love to see a Strange Fake AU with the two of them raising Tine or a modern royalty/arranged marriage AU where Arturia and Enkidu and Gilgamesh work out a poly arrangement and she does eventually find the lovable parts of Gil. There’s no way I can think of to make it in character for her to love him off the bat, but I can see them coming to good terms with some work and the right circumstances. And of course, smut is always good. Or the weird brand of affection/teaching/care Gil shows towards children when it comes to Tine.

Flatt Escardos & Gray,
Flatt Escardos & Sigma,
Flatt Escardos & Waver Velvet | Lord El-Melloi II,
Sigma & Watcher

Flatt is precious and I love him more than anyone else in this universe. Okay, I love them all but Flatt is a treasure and I want MORE of him with everyone or hacking magic or some exploration of what he actually is besides a delightful anomaly. I’d love to see him and Gray thrown together or dragged along together or see him meet Sigma or see him driving Waver up the wall again.

I was surprised at the depths of my investment in Sigma. I want to see him grow and change and become and I want him to find happiness or contentment or something and I can’t articulate any great story ideas, but I would absolute LOVE anything you come up with.

Gray is a mystery and I love her so much and I’d love to see her drawn out of her shell a little or find out more about her, understand her better, or see what she becomes, and Waver is always going to have the specialest, warmest, fuzziest place in my heart. Feel free to sprinkle him anywhere even in groups he’s not listed in.

Cú Chulainn/Scathach

These two. Words fail me, but seriously, I just want them to have the mentor/mentee reunion they deserve, any rating, but higher preferred.

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne/Arturia Pendragon | Lancer/Saber

I love these chivalry buddies from Zero and I came out shipping them so hard from the beginning. I want fix-it fic! I want an Avalon where he gets to be with her! I love that she’s not affected by his curse, and I love them fighting together or being all warm friends and caring for each other and I just want more. Her remembering when they’re summoned again at another time and him not but her being in love with him and him falling in love with her again is also an option I adore.

Gilgamesh/Arturia Pendragon | Gilgamesh/Saber

These are a make it work pairing. Meaning, I like her saying no to his outrageous idea of how to propose to a woman, but I also like thrown together stories and AUs or arranged marriages or he conquered her kingdom and makes her his queen or modern AUs where there’s slow build and working through misunderstandings or in a shorter fic, the implied all that happening. I’m also in love with the AU idea where they’re household Servants rather than Holy Grail War Servants and so get to stick around and find each other a relief from certain “mongrels” they’re stuck with.

Gilgamesh/Arturia Pendragon/Diarmuid Ua Duibhne | Gilgamesh/Saber/Lancer

It’s pretty and I like Saber/Lancer and Saber/Gilgamesh and if they can start off on the right foot/it’s done right, I can totally buy the Lancer/Gilgamesh relationship, and plus, I’ve liked everything I’ve read that mixes the two together. I feel like Gilgamesh and Arturia share a similar temperament in their desire to engage concerning their convictions and not back down from them and being “kings” if you will, but Diarmuid and Arturia share convictions and chivalry, and if Gilgamesh wants any submission going on, it’s not coming from Arturia, so they kind of fit in a way.

All that said, they’re pretty and I like it and I like their personalities playing off each other and I’d love anything from angst to fluff to smut. And preferably an AU where Gilgamesh doesn’t go genocidal and there’s not as much bad blood to start from.

Heroic Spirit EMIYA & Emiya Kiritsugu | Archer & Emiya Kiritsugu

I would love to see father and son getting to reunite, whether or not Kiritsugu recognizes him. I love family relationships, and theirs is fraught but at the same time, I’d like to think there’d still be so much love there, no matter how complicated it played out.

Heroic Spirit EMIYA/Arturia Pendragon | Archer/Saber

DNW: young Shirou/Saber

Okay, so a fic sold me on this. I’d love to see him finding some kind of rest or relief at last with her, and while I could never, ever buy Shirou/Saber except as a one-sided crush, when he’s older and on equal footing and they both have deals with the world and are both heroic spirits of a sort, yes, please and then some.

Heroic Spirit EMIYA/Tohsaka Rin | Archer/Tohsaka Rin

My OTP for Rin basically and pretty close to one for Archer. I love these two. While I love when Lancer said he was going to kill Archer in the middle of their fight, I wanted to tell him he’d already promised Rin to leave him alive because Archer was hers basically. I’d love anything for these two. Him actually asking forgiveness, her keeping him, her calling him back after Shirou died, an AU where they get to be together and he’s all gruff and sarcastic and she’s commanding and they end up equals in different ways but he’s hers through and through. And smut would be good.

Snow White with the Red Hair

Mitsuhide Rouen/Kiki Seiran

I ship these two so hard and I’m happy for them to wait until after Zen gets married if that’s what Mitsuhide wants (I went and poked at the manga because I want shippy stuff!), or if you want to ignore the manga entirely, go for it! I want these two who love each other, respect each other, fight beside each other, know each other, are both devoted to the same purpose to be happy and together. Maybe a first date, turning guard duty into a date, teasing each other, first kiss, dancing together when she has to act like a girl, marrying her because she has a sudden deadline on marrying because heirs are a thing. Really, anything. I love that moment when she slapped him though for fawning over her after knocking her over with the door. That was so funny because she knew perfectly well what was wrong with him. I get the feeling she wouldn’t be inclined to let him be affectionate if he was drunk or otherwise not under his own power.

Shirayuki/Zen Wistaria

I ship them. I ship them forwards and back and their true love and adorable melt each other completely and can’t help themselves hopelessly in love has won me over lock, stock, and barrel. Cute shippy fluffy moments, like taking care of each other when sick or injured, dancing together, finally getting to court her properly at some point, kisses in appropriate and inappropriate places, giving her gifts or winning things for her, wearing her favor in a competition, just all the sweet and fluffy.

Obi/Shirayuki/Zen Wistaria

Obi’s reaction when Zen put his trust in him, the way they fought together when Obi was determined to protect Shirayuki, the flirting and teasing in the baths, Obi’s scar, ahem, and then he’s a total goner on Shirayuki and their interactions just make me melt, like in the woods when he covered her mouth, and I want all three of them. He’s in love with both of them so utterly and they both love him one way or another, and I just want the prince and princess / court herbalist and their loyal retainer all in love in some happy future, any rating.

Obi & Ryuu

The brotherly relationship when they met and Obi connecting to Ryuu’s kid side and Ryuu giving him those seeds, it just got me so hard and I want all the found family and helping/teaching/being there for each other in those moments they intersect. Maybe a five times fic or Obi finally growing the flowers?

Elementary (TV)

Jamie Moriarty | Irene Adler/Sherlock Holmes/Joan Watson (Elementary)

In the canon situation, I can’t see Joan going for this but they both love her and I would love to see how that could play out down the line. Alternatively, an AU where the three are in school together or are all dating or not realizing their dating and they don’t really realize Jamie’s building her empire on the side. I really really love their dynamic, all three of them, and Jamie being protective of both of them, and Sherlock figuring her out but being unable to let go and Jamie wondering to Sherlock if caring about what other people cared about is how he grew morals, and I would also love to see her grow morals because of caring about Sherlock and Joan’s, especially if Joan doesn’t actually have a reason to reject that relationship utterly before it gets started. So basically, AU this thing to kingdom come but I would love to read this.

K (Anime)

Kushina Anna & Suoh Mikoto & Totsuka Tatara,
Kushina Anna & Suoh Mikoto

I love Anna and Mikoto so much. It’s why I watched the series and got hooked on it, and I love the three of them together, how they both take care of Totsuka, how Totsuka takes care of Mikoto emotionally and by grounding him, and how Mikoto takes care of both of them. They’re this perfect little family and I sobbed my heart out over Anna losing them and Mikoto losing Totsuka and I want all the happy fic, whether it’s an everybody lived AU or pre-canon. I just when them happy! :sigh:

Awashima Seri/Kusanagi Izumo

I love these two. I love that Clan comes first and they’re totally practical about everything and not the kind to just jump in bed, but they get each other so well and fit so nicely and I love how he would never love her drink choice about her and said as much, and I just want all them working well together in their personal lives as well as the professional. Would love any rating. I’d also love to see post-canon how they live in a post-Slates world with their Clan relationships.

Chang Ge Xing / Song of the Long March

Li Chang Ge & Pusa

I just love their relationship and him trying to figure her out and her being her adorable, coy self, and how sharp they both are. They’re just so fun together. I’d love their banter or moments of familial connection or working together as he comes to respect what she brings to the table.

Situ Langlang/Li Chang Ge

I’d love to see later if/when she goes to train with him as his apprentice, and please all the sword-fighting porn in the world. I ADORE sword-fighting and competence and hair and this is the canon for that.

Bourne Movies

Eric Byer/Aaron Cross

Really, the whole Eric reactions to realizing it was Aaron out there and the scene in the movie about the sin eater, it just felt to me like there was personal history there, and I’d love to see a dub-con seriously messed up relationship dynamic with any rating. Please no fluff or happy/healthy for them.

Legend of Korra

Suyin Beifong & Kuvira

DNW: Kuvira having a crush on Suyin, focus on the season 4 disagreement between them if going canonical

Fic Prompts: AU where Suyin did take interim president or advised Kuvira how to do without losing herself. Or just fluffy growing up, adopted, training her in metalbending stuff, bedtime stories, bandaging injuries, dancing together, etc. Or trying to balance her two daughters (considering how differently she treated them), loving them both and trying to be a good parent, even if she fails where it counts. It’s clear Kuvira and Suyin both got on very well before their split, so curious how protege vs. daughter really played out. Post-canon reconciliation for real.

Art Prompts: any of the fic prompts, training in bending or dancing, kid Kuvira getting comfort moments with Suyin

Crossover Prompts: Star Trek captain and security officer, bending in space

Baatar Jr./Kuvira

DNW: focus on the disagreement with their parents or her shooting the warehouse, unhappy endings, drunk shenanigans

Fic Prompts: growing up together moments where they made friends or first got together or comforted or talked to each other or played together as kids, her taking an interest in/watching his work, him watching her dance, reconciliation post-canon, AU with them ruling the empire without going for the Republic and having a family and maybe reconciling with their family, AU where Korra ends up babysitting Bataar Jr. as threatened and Kuvira opts to come for him later (whether or not you get to the later, it sounds hilarious how that would work out with Korra and Bataar Jr.)

Art Prompts: any of the fic prompts, sleeping together, kisses, having sex, doing anything in the rain

Crossover Prompts: Star Trek captain and engineer, bending in space

Baatar Sr./Suyin Beifong

DNW: focus on the disagreement with Kuvira/Bataar Jr., him being a total patsy, drunk shenanigans

Fic Prompts: the building and/or founding of Zaofu, raising the kids, bedtime stories, their relationship with any of the kids (I love all the personalities, every single one), him watching her dance, her watching or looking in on him working

Art Prompts: any of the fic prompts, Suyin teaching metalbending or dancing, Bataar Sr. teaching Bataar Jr. or them working together, the two of them giving flowers, sleeping together, watching each other work, or getting the one who fell asleep working to bed

Lin Beifong & Suyin Beifong & Toph Beifong

DNW: fic set during books 3-4, focus on the family breakup

Fic Prompts: I’m really hoping to see pre-canon growing up years, especially the good moments with whatever traditions they had, Toph teaching them to metalbend, them being sisters together, Lin protecting Su or the other way around, squabbles, cuteness where they do nice things for each other, Toph trying to figure out how to mother them

Art Prompts: any of the fic prompts, metalbending training, baby Su and Lin, cuddles in the bed, mini melon lords or variations of playing together and declaring victory, earthbending shenanigans of any kind

Mai/Zuko & Izumi

DNW: BDSM of any kind, knifeplay

Fic Prompts: cuddly or funny parenting moments, trying to date/sleep together around the kid, putting Izumi to sleep, training Izumi in blades or firebending, comforting her during her first thunderstorm, teaching her how to be a good ruler (especially since she becomes a good ruler), tea!, their relationship with her as an adult child when she starts to actually rule, side appearances of Zuko’s dragon welcome

Art Prompts: any of the fic prompts but especially the thunderstorm or training ones

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