Marvel is Marvel Letter

Sorry, I’ve been under the weather. I’ll update the fandom-specific prompts shortly but if you don’t want to wait, feel free to use the general likes/DNWs.

Marvel Cinematic Universe/X-Men (Movieverse) — Fanfic

Character Group: Dottie Underwood + Natasha Romanov + Peggy Carter + Raven Darkholme | Mystique

So I love the morally grey, the living weapons, the woman who do what is necessary, and I’d be fascinated by any and all interaction between this set. These are some of my favorite Marvel characters for complexity, regardless of moral alignment.

Character Group: Erik Lehnsherr | Magneto + Lorna Dane | Polaris + Peter/Pietro Maximoff + Wanda Maximoff

Family fic here. I love the iterations throughout the ‘verses, love the twins in Avengers, Lorna on the Gifted (my new fave), and I’d love to see them interacting with each other and/or their father and actually worldbuilding some of how they exist in a same universe.

Character Group: Marie D’Ancanto | Rogue + Natasha Romanov

My favorite X-Man and my favorite Avenger. I’d love to see them together in the same universe, pretty much any kind of gen you’d think up. Mentorship, chance encounter, actually absorbs Natasha, whatever.

Inhumans (TV 2017) — Fanfic

I think Maximus started off with better political ideas and preferred revolution to the status quo as presented at the start of the series. That said, his methods and his execution on his promises leave much to be desired. Plus, I like all the characters on both sides of the conflict.


I do like some of those pairings where there is some serious moral and/or romantic interest disparity. I love slowly making it work, figuring out what makes each other tic, arranged marriages, forced togetherness, and am perfectly fine with dubcon/noncon smut within an arranged marriage scenario if you wanted to go that route. Mostly, I want to see them connecting or Crystal over the years rejecting connecting, before the coup if he’d reached out to her and she’d constantly ignored the issues, or after if you just want to go with canon-divergent. I’m just so interested in all the good and the bad in their dynamic.


My favorite characters on the show and both on the Guard and they’re pretty and would fight so gorgeously and yeah, I’m here for this.


See the Karnak pairing except add that Gorgon trained her and there’s history and I’d love to see her training and coming up in the ranks and them having history and all the precanon and betrayal feelings in canon possibilities.


Everything about them, I love. Every time it’s just the two of them interacting, I’m in love. These two are why I watch this show.


You have a loyal Guard whose really, really good at what she does and that initial loyalty she showed, I just kind of really saw this and would love to see more.


He’s my favorite character and his wry perspective and dark humor and everything about him and his competence and his vulnerability when he’s stripped of his ability working properly, and I want EVERYTHING.


I’d love to see some of his perspective and his rise from potentially nothing toward power and influence.


I love her. Her strength, her will, her skill, I just want to see into her head and what makes her tick and how she became who she is now.

The Gifted (TV) — Drawn Art, Fanfic

Lorna Dane/Marcos Diaz

I’d love to see more of their relationship or a fluffy future happy ending with their family, and would love to see some of their beautiful moments, like the aurora effect or comforting or saving each other or with kids.

Clarice Fong/John Proudstar

I just like theses two together. I’d love to see fluffy or mentorship or training type art or fic for them or any kind of character study thing.

Clarice Fong

I’m intrigued. I want more. I love her personality, both the on edge parts and the soft parts, and I loved her interactions with the dog.

Lorna Dane

My new favorite X-Man type character. I just want to see more of her and her relationships, her experiences and history, and definitely more of her powers and taking names.

X-Men (Original Timeline Movies) — Fanfic

John Allerdyce/Kitty Pryde

“The Boy Who Destroyed the World” got me hooked on this pairing and I’m here for all the angst or fluff. I’m insatiable and will take anything.

Gambit (Any)/Rogue

Please don’t feel limited by X-Men Movieverse canon for this pairing. I like canonical Gambit fine, but I am just as happy with transplanting another canonical version of Gambit or imagining your own version of Gambit that would have come out of the canon had the Wolverine movies not incorporated him.

This was my one of my first OTPs ever, and I’ll take anything at all for them.

General squicks, triggers, and loves by category.


I like

  • deep characterization and backstory
  • family
  • deep platonic bonds
  • worldbuilding
  • chosen family
  • digging into a character’s mental/emotional space
  • asexual romance
  • romance
  • established relationships
  • developing trust
  • character studies
  • identity exploration (e.g. Natasha figuring herself out separate from the Black Widow persona)
  • character competence
  • fluff
  • angst
  • situational humor
  • dance
  • exceptional sword-wielding
  • tea
  • cats
  • music
  • geeking out on technology and science or language (I adore language and words!) whenever appropriate (and sometimes when it isn’t)

Please don’t write

  • embarrassment
  • horror
  • character or ideology bashing
  • smut without any buildup or characterization first
  • on-screen uncensored profanity
  • body-related humor

I’m fine with knowing they’re happening, just g-rated descriptions please:

  • graphic violence or gore
  • graphic description of open wounds
  • sickness-related yuck
  • I also have no problem with assassination but do have a problem with murder. I know. Fine line.

With exceptions:

  • betrayal/infidelity (except where canonical)
  • tragedy/deathfic (mentions of canonical deaths fine)


I like

  • any length from drabble to epic
  • poetry
  • N+1 fics
  • mixed media
  • interactive fiction
  • traditional narrative
  • footnotes, especially linked footnotes
  • multi-language fics with translations, including binary or canon-specific stuff
  • I’m open to every person and tense.

Please don’t make

  • readerfic
  • scripts
  • teleplays
  • podfics or audio-dependent formats (audio on the side like a fanmix is fine)


I like

  • superhumans
  • living weapons
  • competence
  • soulmates
  • soulmarks (not names)
  • soulbonds
  • secret relationship
  • sharing a bed
  • domestic fic
  • holiday fic
  • arranged marriage
  • fake marriage
  • friends to lovers
  • rivals to lovers
  • AIs and androids and living ships, etc. (no fleshy ships please)
  • accidental relationships
  • time travel with consequences
  • fantasy AUs
  • missing sense especially deafness or blindness
  • animal transformations/shapeshifter
  • brainwashing
  • amnesia
  • I like well thought out crossovers and the occasional fusion, canon-divergent AUs more than total AUs.

I don’t mind

  • coffee shop AU
  • school AU
  • reincarnation
  • historical AU

Please don’t write

  • alternate gender norms
  • mind control
  • zombies
  • supernatural
  • daemons
  • post-apocalyptic
  • instalove


I like

  • bondage
  • breathplay
  • sensory deprivation
  • bloodplay
  • weapons play, especially a weapon typically associated with the character, e.g. Hawkeye and arrows
  • delayed orgasm
  • some D/s
  • situational power dynamics type dub-con
  • phone sex
  • wall sex
  • girl on top
  • very very quiet sex
  • using powers during sex
  • consensual somnophilia
  • voyeurism

I’ll read but am not a fan of

  • pain play
  • dirty talk (like: where one partner is telling the other what to do or one partner talking the other through sex like in this fic or this fic, don’t like: stock porn phrases, e.g. “I’m so wet for you”, “I want your big cock inside me”, etc.)
  • oral
  • cock rings/cages

Please don’t write

  • scat
  • water sports
  • bodily fluids other than blood (am fine knowing there’s fluids in sex, just don’t want to read any loving descriptions at all)
  • lifestyle D/s
  • ageplay
  • mpreg
  • consent play
  • incest
  • underage
  • a/b/o
  • straight up dub-con


I like 

  • so many art styles:
    • line art
    • pen and ink
    • pencil drawings
    • colored pencils
    • paint
    • watercolor
    • digital art
    • etc.
  • my favorite things in art:
    • awe-inspiring realistic with vibrant colors and sharp or soft edges
    • line art / ink / pencil theme pieces that pick up visual symbols of the characters
    • cute stylized fluff pieces with romance or humor in mind
    • illustrative art that captures a scene or moment of fic or canon
    • illustration of my own fic
    • landscapes or still lifes of any of the scenery or environments or architecture, etc. of any of my science fiction or fantasy canons

Please don’t draw

  • any of my general, trope, or kink-related DNWs
  • emaciated character styling
  • really red noses
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