Daily Post #002

Yes, I didn’t post yesterday, so I’m writing up now instead.



So You’re Raising a Warrior, ch. 47: Lots of delightful interactions! Verr remains precious. Friend is super interesting. Wish I actually understood everything going on with the third guardian, but usually these things clarify themselves quickly. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Eaternal Nocturnal, ch. 29: Sorry, author. You already succeeded in making me dislike Cherri and I don’t find that kind of insecurity sympathetic, for all I ought. Not here with you. Also good prime ship material still happening, which makes me happy.

Mythical Errand, ch. 40: We stan the squirrel. WHO MADE HIM CRY??? Also, why in the world are they interviewing???? Details, I need details.


Started in on an enneagram book I already dislike, so won’t be commenting much on it or proceeding much further into it, if at all.


Did things usually I find quite difficult, so happy on that front, including setting up an appointment to get started at a new provider (with new fees) to do followups on my DNA appliance, which it’s on the fence whether I can afford. But if I don’t make the appointment, I’ll never get better, so here’s to trying.

Had difficulty thinking and was only semi-functional, tbh. 4/10

Took a walk to the mailbox. Apparently, my extreme lack of motivation to exercise is not uncommon for someone that fits my qualities, but we learn these things to better overcome them, so out the door I go.


4.5 pages in the notebook: personal nonfiction on pursuing peace, now that I’m realizing that’s what I’ve been after and a poem.

Lyrics: Really just recorded stuff without also writing much down. Still some stuff I want to keep, so that’s good.

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