Since We Talked Last


  1. 12 poems and 70 lines, crossposted nothing
  2. 6 unrevealed ficlets and 1 just not crossposted
  3. a scene list sort of thingy on my WIP

Not what I was hoping but not half bad. I was hoping to get more down on WIP. I know where I’m heading with it, just haven’t had time/energy/headspace to get it down yet.

I’ve also finished getting a PDF file ready of What Lies Before, a collection of original short stories, which I will get into download access and possibly a gumroad before I try and figure out how to actually publish it properly, because that last sounds more tiring than it ought.

Still, that’s prepped, which is great.

I also pulled 5 pieces out of first access into freely available, so I’ll get there on posting links to those soon too.

On the health front, I went to a new doctor yesterday for insurance reasons to establish care, who is willing to keep my other doctor in the loop, which is awesome. And lo! There is hope for me yet. I have a structural issue apparently that’s preventing my getting enough oxygen or draining stuff the way I should, which technically I always kind of knew. From childhood, my breathing options were constrained, I just didn’t realize they meant I’m literally never getting enough oxygen, and I’ve always been so stuffed up, I can barely smell.

Shocker. These things have health consequences, so my doctor gave me a potential nonsurgical option to check out, which I will do as soon as we wrap up all this car and post-vacation business. Because quality of life! Not dragging around tired and depressed all the time! This would be good!

About that, CAR! I loved our beautiful, old faithful, 2005 sedan but it was… time to retire it. We got a new car on Friday, which has eaten a chunk into budget and time bank, but so worth it. A beautiful Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and I will eventually get used to how her responsiveness differs greatly from the sedan. Mostly, I will eventually stop turning on the windshield wipers when I’m trying to reverse because our gear shaft is now in between the seats instead of on the steering wheel. I drove like an amateur yesterday on my first time out in her. Oh well.

Hope you’re all doing well! Lots of love!

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