So along with writing more, typing up my backlog, etc., I’m also trying to do better at crossposting. One of these got mentioned before but is now also on my website and not just AO3.

  1. Take Care (K): AO3, Website

    Yata seriously considered grabbing Saruhiko’s knife and stabbing him. Except that would defeat the entire purpose of carefully wrapping every injury in antiseptic and gauze, regardless of how much it stung. [Fushimi Saruhiko/Yata Misaki]

    Written for Happy Belated Treatmas 2019 for my dear friend in fandom, geckoholic. Who prompted some of my favorites for the Hurt Comfort Exchange when I really wasn’t up to adding another exchange to the docket. Months later, behold! Fushimi/Yata hurt/comfort with some how does one have sex around the bruises and also lots and lots of unspoken feelings because that’s how they roll.

  2. In Small Moments (Bourne): AO3, Website

    “Are you comfortable with this assignment?” her supervisor asked, and she was not unintelligent.

    She looked thoughtful for a moment, processing all the implications—it would do no good to have them assume her an airhead or even blindly devoted to the cause; it was a delicate balance to strike—then nodded. “Yes.” [Nicky Parsons/Jason Bourne]

  3. Movement (BSD): AO3, Website
  4. Untouchable (Toaru/X-Men Movieverse): AO3, Website


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