So I’ve Been Posting Things

It happens. I even sometimes remember to tell people.

Available This Month


  1. With Our Backs to the Wall (K):
  2. What Must Be Done (Bungou Stray Dogs):
  3. The Fairest (Queen’s Thief):
  4. Find Me Waiting (Tea Dragon Society):
  5. The Legend of Rose the Bookish Hero (Original Fiction):
  6. Taking Measure (Imperial Radch Series):
  7. Chase After me (Boku No Hero Academia):
  8. The Ideal Partner (Bungou Stray Dogs):
  9. No End in Sight (Bungou Stray Dogs):
  10. And Be With Caution Bold (The Golden Bird Fairy Tale):


  1. First Access ($1/mo.)
    1. love is the tie (Poetry):
    2. don’t fly away (Poetry):
    3. Vigilant (Riftspace):
    4. Trying (Riftspace):
    5. Lying in Wait (Riftspace):
    6. Morning Touch (Kingdoms and Thorn):
    7. bruises (Poetry):
  2. Download Access ($5/mo.)
    1. Collection: Acceptable Cost (Original Fiction):
    2. Collection: Just Saying (Original Poetry):
    3. Collection: Songs from the Dust (Original Poetry):
    4. Collection: November 2018: All Poetry:
    5. Collection: When the Clock Chimes (Original Fiction + Poetry):
    6. Publication: Dowse and Bleed (Kingdoms and Thorn):


  1. support (Poetry):
  2. the gentle chimes (Poetry):
  3. so many things (Poetry):
  4. Kings (Poetry):
  5. that morning glow (Poetry):
  6. I take my rest (Poetry):
  7. a joyful thing (Poetry):
  8. love is the sort (Poetry):
  9. (haiku for joy) (Poetry):
  10. (haiku for wind) (Poetry):
  11. joy come back (Poetry):
  12. collect myself (Poetry):
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