NPT Letter 2019

Dear wonderful creator!

Thank you for creating something for me! I’m excited about every single one of these fandoms and look forward to whatever you make. This letter may include spoilers.

Despite the (hopefully helpful) wall of text, I’m not generally that picky. I like canon relationship dynamics (angry, angsty people who never talk about their feelings still don’t talk about their feelings even in a fluffy scenario), and canon worldbuilding details and seeing how those mesh with whatever new scenarios you come up with or translate into a new environment.

General Preferences

General squicks, triggers, and loves by category.

General Likes

  • tea
  • cats
  • established relationships with a ton of history behind them
  • expanding on the worldbuilding or character or relationship history
  • characters’ canonical competence—whether that’s watching them acquire their skills or ply them
  • characters geeking out on the things they love
  • languages or communicating around not sharing one
  • the aftermath of or recovery from or learning to live with permanent or major disability or injury

I love it when stories incorporate cultural details, details on how the world works like the economy, industry, religion, or social circles and rules, and language details, whether that’s just the acknowledgement of how language is used or actual other language in-fic. I prefer getting dropped into a fully formed world that doesn’t always bother to explain everything, and love it when differing cultures and viewpoints within the world clash. I adore internally consistent pseudo-science and technobabble, origin stories, alternate races, and well-developed power systems for magic, technology.

With superhumans, I love things that explore how abilities work under the hood, how to train them or master them, and love digging into experimentation backstories and the consequences of the rules of how power works.

If there are magical or technological artifacts or objects in canon, I love exploration of those and consequences and extrapolations from whatever canonical details we have, e.g. the Dresden Slate of K or the anacapa drive of the Diving Series. I want to know so much more about either.

Magic/Power Systems

I’m equally in love with superhumans and fantastical “science fiction” abilities and science developed to the point of being magic or with fantasy creatures like fairies and dragons and actual magic systems whether predictable and following rules or wild and unpredictable, so go with whatever you love best or makes more sense to you. I’m also happy with handwaves for how a magic or science fiction premise works so long as the way it works is internally consistent.

Character Study/Development

I love seeing what makes characters tick and exploring how their particular upbringing or culture or biology or power makes them who they are or gives them challenges to overcome. I love watching characters figure out who they are or where they belong, learning who they are when something fundamental about their view of themself changes, or how they hold onto who they are in the face of others who either oppose or support them. I love seeing how their relationships, whether family, friends, or lovers, figure into all of that.

“Just Met” Get Together Shipfic

I love relationship fics where characters have real differences in personalities, temperaments, cultures, even morals and values that they have to work through in order to have a relationship, where what keeps them apart aren’t silly misunderstandings but having to get to know each other and overcome trust issues or their own personal emotional difficulties. I would love to see sex in these stories but preferably after it’s been earned. If you just get them to the kissing stage, that’s fine too and I love a good kissing scene!

“Know Each Other Well” Get Together Shipfic

I love pining! I love characters being in the situation where nakedness or vulnerability could come up and the pining character feels awkward or horrified but turned on because the other party doesn’t know their true feelings. I love when they don’t want to ruin their relationship or truly believe it’s unrequited and it’s not just stupidity that they don’t say something. I love it when both are in the same boat and it’s mutual or when it’s truly one-sided, so long as the friendship or partnership survives them deciding whether or not they love the other one back, regardless of which they choose. I love platonically married partners or estranged friends that could have been more and now get another shot at reconciling their differences and becoming something more. I love it messy and angsty and complicated and knowing each other enough to hurt each other, and I love it leavened with some gentle humor if I can get it and a happy ending.

Established Relationships

I absolutely love established relationships where you can feel the history between them—in little things they know about each other or do around each other without even thinking about it, in inside references and little details showing up throughout that imply stories we aren’t being told right now. I love it when there’s palpable tension between two people that are on the outs for any reason, where they gloss over big discussions or use a simple line or detail to stand in for a whole story or chunk of history. I prefer not to have “as you know Bob” coredumps on history, though I don’t mind exposition here and there. I love tension and these longstanding pet peeves to also show up, where just because they’ve been together a long time or known each other forever, doesn’t mean they always get along without having to work at it.

General DNWs

  • crossdressing
  • genderswap
  • embarrassment
  • horror
  • surprise scares
  • zombies
  • vampires
  • amputation
  • maiming
  • puncture wounds or gaping wounds
  • mind control
  • witchcraft terminology (non-witchcraft magic systems are fine)
  • body-related humor
  • sickness-related yuck
  • bodily fluids other than blood
  • non-canonical infidelity/cheating or other betrayal
  • graphic violence or gore
  • unrequested non-canonical or open relationships
  • unrequested non-canonical character death
  • I also have no problem with assassination but do have a problem with murder. I know. Fine line.


Kink Likes

  • foreplay, body worship
  • arousal / desperate arousal
  • biting, nipping
  • bondage
  • breathplay
  • sensory deprivation / blindfolds
  • bloodplay (I like both blood from rough sex/knives and biting but get squicked by bites that draw more than a little blood)
  • weapons play (especially the weapons associated with a particular character) with clean wounds
  • delayed orgasm
  • overstimulation
  • non-lifestyle D/s (prefer spoiling and praise to humiliation)
  • situational power dynamics or sex pollen / compromised consent type dub-con
  • phone sex
  • wall sex
  • pinning people against walls with knives leads to sex
  • girl on top
  • very very quiet sex
  • using powers during sex
  • wing kink
  • consensual somnophilia
  • voyeurism
  • heat sex / mating cycles / kemmer / canon-compliant a/b/o, first time heat
Alpha/Beta/Omega Preferences

I’m into scenting, knotting, desperate heat sex, desperate arousal, possessive nesting or cuddling, and did I mention desperation? Also love claiming with bites or temporary soulbond lite, do like description of scents and pheromones, lots of body worship because the heat’s made someone irresistible, and enjoy a bit of a case of dysphoria or body horror over how their body is out of their control and really doesn’t care about what they want intellectually.

If there’s a beta in the ship, I prefer betas that are considered part of the ideal threesome and aren’t sidelined as caretaker or “normal.” I prefer if a/b/o gender does not overwrite canon personality, people can still fight their instincts if that’s in character for them, and attraction is to particular alphas, betas, or omegas, not just anyone at all of the right secondary gender. Prefer no unrequested pregnancy, systemic oppression of and prejudice toward omegas, and please don’t use any dog/wolf/puppy terminology or focus on scent “glands” (scent fine), kinking on breeding the omega, or “presenting”.

Kink DNWs

I’ll read but am not a fan of oral sex or cock rings/cages. If you need them to make a requested kink or trope work, it’s fine but preferably not for their own sake.

Please don’t use

  • stock porn phrases in dirty talk
  • scat
  • water sports
  • sex toys
  • bodily fluids other than blood (am fine knowing there’s fluids in sex, just don’t want to read any graphic descriptions at all)
  • lifestyle D/s
  • ageplay
  • mpreg
  • humiliation
  • consent play
  • unrequested incest
  • unrequested underage
  • non-canon compliant a/b/o or anti-omega prejudice
  • unrequested non-situational dub-con
  • the endearment “babe” or “baby” if not canonical


Trope Likes

  • superhumans
  • wingfic (especially feathered wings)
  • living weapons
  • competence
  • soulmates, soulmarks (not names), soulbonds
  • hurt/comfortverse (where the need to comfort is directed toward those one cares about, not just everybody ever)
  • secret relationships
  • sharing a bed
  • domestic fic
  • holiday fic
  • arranged marriage, fake marriage
  • friends/rivals to lovers
  • AIs and androids and living ships, etc. (no fleshy bio ships please, prefer metal)
  • accidental relationships
  • time travel with consequences
  • fantasy/mythology AUs
  • missing sense (especially deafness or blindness)
  • animal transformations/shapeshifter
  • brainwashing recovery/aftermath
  • amnesia
  • crossovers/fusions with a focus on worldbuilding or how the new characters change the shape of the world and story
  • canon-divergent AUs

Trope DNWs

  • unrequested alternate gender norms
  • mind control (even canonical)
  • zombies
  • supernatural
  • daemons
  • post-apocalyptic
  • instalove


Style/Structure Likes

  • any length from drabble to epic
  • poetry
  • N+1 fics
  • mixed media
  • interactive fiction
  • traditional narrative
  • footnotes (especially linked)
  • multi-language fics with translations including binary or canon-specific stuff
  • any person or tense

Style/Structure DNWs

  • readerfic
  • scripts
  • teleplays
  • podfics
  • most audio-dependent formats (exception is fanmixes / fanvids)



K Anime

Fushimi Saruhiko/Yata Misaki

Fandom-Specific DNWs: Random fight-the-strain/random-strain-did-it plots; please no sappy spill their feelings out conversations, except Yata.

Canon: I’ve watched K (Anime), the Missing Kings movie, and Return of Kings (Anime), read Lost Small World, most of Memory of Red and Kingdom of Red, and a ton of the miscellaneous shorts running around, though I haven’t finished getting through all of them. Feel free to incorporate as much manga/side content as your heart desires. I love every point in their timeline from pre-canon Lost Small World to Homura partners as in R:B to canon during the anime to post-ROK reconciliation.

SFW: So sorry I plumb missed this section! Any sort of canonical in between the scenes or backstory when they were living together or more insight into Yata during their middle school friendship or post-canon continuation, get-together, reconciliation, working to redevelop their relationship welcome.

NSFW: Yata going to Fushimi for sex while grieving because of Mikoto or Tatara and actually getting it without working out any of their issues and being all complicated feelings and supposedly angry with / hating each other is my kind of tension. Especially if Yata does do some talking about it and Fushimi shuts him up with kissing or manhandling and okay, I’ll stop there.

Fine with dubious consent, experimentation with sex before or when they joined HOMRA, and switching. If just one of them on top, tbh, I prefer Fushimi on bottom.

I love their awkwardness that comes from Fushimi not knowing how to deal with feelings and Yata not knowing how to deal with sex and their off-the-charts tension whenever they go up against or with each other, and pinning Yata down with knives is a delightful canonical moment that could use some exploration in private. Also Fushimi canonically has an affinity for holding knives in his mouth before using them. If you go by way of using knives in the smut, please consider including this detail. Biting and inappropriate use of walls are just about bulletproof.

I adore heats and soulbonds and first times in those contexts and also I’m a sucker for amnesia, whether that’s forgetting the relationship they have or getting together because they forgot they’re broken/enemies. They don’t have a holodeck but I could totally see these guys in a Star Trek AU where Fushimi leaves Yata to join Starfleet or something and there is holodeck, but however you want to make that one happen. Oh, but while I could see Neko actually having no problem granting some sort of illusion, I can’t see Yata asking her for it (someone could on his behalf?), but please no random-strain did it stories.

For things like desperate arousal, extended foreplay, first heat, etc., I really love it when there’s this vivid description of how everything feels and the way it intensifies. That kind of description is catnip enough that while, for the sake of my faves, I want them to get off, I’m just as happy just reading that alone. I love uncontrolled/uncontrollable desire and the kind of desperate involuntary frottage, touching, kissing, biting, tasting that can result from that. The more desperate and intense, the better.

Kemmer AU: I’d prefer them to keep their canonical characterization for the baseline, just be androgynous. If you show only one kemmer, I’d rather Saruhiko went female, but overall, prefer switching and no growing out their hair or changing their non-sexual traits to stereotypical gendered traits during kemmer, just being themselves but with changes in physical sex as part of the heat cycle. I absolutely love heats and in this case, the idea of Misaki being suddenly more awkward because Saruhiko’s a girl, which being a girl at all is a sex-related thing in this ‘verse, and exploring first times or figuring out how this all works is my catnip. Also desperate heat sex where you’re half out of your mind and inhibitions and good sense not desired required.

(The context referred to below is that you tend to take the opposite sex if exposed at the start of your kemmer to someone who’s already expressed a sex in their kemmer.) “The inhabitants of Gethen are ambisexual humans; for twenty-four days (somer) of each twenty-six-day lunar cycle, they are sexually latent androgynes. They only adopt sexual attributes once a month, during a period of sexual receptiveness and high fertility, called kemmer. During kemmer they become sexually male or female, with no predisposition towards either, although which sex they adopt can depend on context and relationships”

Time Travel Teams/Artifacts/Rescue Missions/Soulmates/Worldbuilding: I’d love to see the Dresden Slate reimagined as a time travel artifact or the different clans as different time traveling teams, whether that means they all are innately able to time travel and have different goals and purposes or whether they have somehow differing time travel abilities. I’d love to see time travel shenanigans, people having “constants” (ala, Lost), especially if those constants are people they’d rather not have but are people important to them, or seeing the characters constantly running across each other whether or not they mean to or care to, rescues through time, missions through time, whatever inspires you.

Fushimi Stayed with Homura AU: I absolutely adore these two in R:B and the material for when they were together in Homura. I’d love to see an AU where they figure out how to make it work or someone notices before Nagare pushes him over the edge. Fushimi may have been a better fit for Scepter 4 but he definitely brought a huge amount of value to Homura and did fit in a way there.

Yata Went with Fushimi to Scepter 4: Alternatively, I love Fushimi’s thoughts that if they just want power, there are more clans out there than Homura and he would have followed Yata if Yata had left Homura. What if Yata did follow Fushimi. And he’s a terrible fit for Scepter 4 but maybe Munakata with his ability to see the best place for everyone would find a way to make this inseparable duo work, for Fushimi’s sake.

Hurtcomfortverse: Hurt/comfortverse AU where everyone feels a need to give or receive comfort. Like other orientation-based things, the need to comfort doesn’t have to be applied to everyone, just the people the character cares about. I admit, I see Fushimi as a receiver and Yata as a giver, but feel free to convince me otherwise! I am a sucker for hurt/comfort, for caring, for never getting needs met and then you do, for being naturally inclined to do things but everything being choices and sometimes you choose for and sometimes you choose against your inclination and sometimes the right decision is different than the natural one. Feel free to apply physical or emotional whump that doesn’t cross the DNWs.

Ladyhawke AU: So the two are cursed to be a crow and a… fox maybe? separated by day and night. Whether it’s someone from Jungle or Colorless that causes it or Fushimi tried to tie them together and it went all wrong or whatever. I’d love to see this AU for them. Preferably with a happy ending.

One Specific Demographic Has Heat Cycles, One Specific Demographic has soulmates while others don’t: The one demographic being the clans, of course. For heats, you could go as narrow as red clan (with Fushimi not losing this when he defects). Okay, for soulmates too. Though for soulmates, you could also go with just green clan and Fushimi picks up soulmate recognition when he arrives there.

Crossovers/Fusions: Fate Holy Grail War AU: I’d love to see Fushimi and Yata summoned as Heroic Spirits with Fushimi having knives as his noble phantasm and Yata as the most unconventional Rider with his skateboard.

Other fusions I’d love but don’t really have prompts for: Star Trek, Star Trek Voyager (see crossovers), ATLA/LOK, Machineries of Empire.


Bungou Stray Dogs

Dazai Osamu/Nakahara Chuuya

Fandom-Specific DNWs: non-Japanese Chuuya, calling Dazai “Osamu”

Canon: So I’ve seen the anime, Dead Apple, and read the summaries of Fifteen and Beast, parts of the main manga with a bit of osmosis of more of the manga. Feel free to incorporate any canon, though if you get into manga-only arcs, please include a hint of explanation where necessary. (I love spoilers, go for it.) I’ve also seen the new episodes for season 3 and am in love.

SFW: I would love any kind of focus or shippy focus on their get-together phase in Fifteen. Dazai threw him a party! Or worldbuilding/character focus on Chuuya’s background as Arahabaki, etc.

I love their antagonism, their banter (which I’m not as good at writing, please go all out if that’s your thing!), and conflicted feelings or hiding their caring under the opposite. I’d love to see more of Dark Era Chuuya and Dazai, even if it’s a little shippy but they’re not together at all. I’d love to see them pining without even realizing it and trying to take care of each other and learning about each other and developing that crazy unshakable trust that doesn’t quite line up with their antipathy. I’d love to see them flirting with knives and insults and guns and missions and breaking into each other’s apartment and making bets and being teenagers.

NSFW: I like switching or Chuuya topping. I like that Dazai wins on the manipulation/tactics front, but Chuuya tends to outclass him physically. I like the idea of rough sex with these two.

I’d love to see you make use of Chuuya’s choker. (I’m also very attached to his gloves.) And by manhandling and wall sex, I mean Chuuya putting Dazai up against a wall, preferably with a knife. Pretty please. And feel free to add Chuuya dealing with his ability making itself known and Corruption tempting and things rattling around him as Dazai has to keep touching him to keep things sane. Whether their comfort is delivered wrapped in antagonism or not. Ahem.

I’m always a sucker for soulbonds and heats, and it was actually a Dazai/Chuuya fic that got me started on aphrodisiacs. I love amnesia, whether that’s forgetting the relationship they have or getting together because they forgot they’re broken/enemies. Biting and inappropriate use of walls are just about bulletproof.

From a teen perspective if Chuuya gets his first heat and trusts Dazai to help him through it (because riding out a first heat isn’t a good idea or whatever) and Dazai’s fascinated enough by him to want to, but it’s complicated and they still have their bucketloads of antagonism and potential dubcon, but Chuuya’s rationalizing it like working together, as a part of their partnership where they’re really good at it anyway. Maybe they always do heats together because they don’t do vulnerable to other people in general and nobody’s calling anybody on the fact they’re both using it as an excuse to deal with all the tension they have anyway.

For things like desperate arousal, extended foreplay, first heat, etc., I really love it when there’s this vivid description of how everything feels and the way it intensifies. That kind of description is catnip enough that while, for the sake of my faves, I want them to get off, I’m just as happy just reading that alone. I love uncontrolled/uncontrollable desire and the kind of desperate involuntary frottage, touching, kissing, biting, tasting that can result from that. The more desperate and intense, the better.

Non-con NSWF: Preferably in the dark age of Double Black, I could see non-con kissing going either way as a power play sort of thing. I fell in love with non-con body worship of Dazai during consensual sex from a fic I read and would gladly read a lot more of that where the sex was consensual, the body worship was not. I could see initial consent turned to non-con going either way. And guilty pleasure, Dazai instigating non-con somnophilia on Chuuya as teen experimenting/fascinated by his partner type thing.

AU: Chuuya joined the ADA instead or first. With Fukuzawa and tea. And reluctantly admitting having Dazai join too isn’t totally undesirable.

Dazai dragged Chuuya with him when he left the Port Mafia: Maybe Dazai just kidnaps Chuuya when he leaves and the fallout from this massively inspired and terrible decision making but they’re both out of the Mafia.

Characters as Gods AU: Bulletproof for me. Do whatever. I tend to prefer Dazai as a god of death and Chuuya as either the god of calamity or still housing / being avatar for one and being the god of passion or something like that.

School for the Gifted AU: All of these people with abilities as students at a school just for abilities. I’d love to see just about any version of this with a focus on the abilities over the mundane aspects please.

Space Pirates AU: The Port Mafia would make excellent space pirates. Just saying.

Superhumans Temp Agency: Using abilities for regular life is such a fun idea and I would love to see life go crazy and fun in this AU.

Character’s Consciousness Time Travels: Future Self in Relationship with Unexpected Person: Because the very idea of this is precious and I’d love to see all the awkwardness and realizing why they fell in love and going back and initiating things.

Crossovers/FusionsFate Holy Grail War AU: Whether the Port Mafia, ADA, government, House of Rats, etc. are in a Grail War summoning Servants or my favorite characters are Servants summoned by Fate characters.

Star Trek Voyager AU: Port Mafia as Maquis and ADA as Starfleet.

Machineries of Empire AU: With Chuuya as a Kel and Dazai as a Shuos, whether seconded in or riding in his head like Jedao and Cheris. And as shippy as possible, even if you go the disembodied route.



Diarmuid Ua Duibhne | Lancer/Arturia Pendragon | Saber

Canon: I love these chivalry buddies from Zero and I came out shipping them so hard from the beginning. I love that she’s not affected by his curse, and I love them fighting together or being all warm friends and caring for each other and I just want more.

SFW: An Avalon where he gets to be with her. Her remembering when they’re summoned again at another time and him not but her being in love with him and him falling in love with her again. Them finally getting to have their honorable duel.

NSFW: Words fail me. Please see general kink likes.

AU: Love Interest Time Jumps Instead of Dying/Soulmates through the Ages/Time Travelers Encounter Each Other Over and Over: Just getting to see them interact in a variety of settings or sets of memories and maybe some of that bleeds through as they remember more and more, or maybe they always remember, or just she does.

Crossovers/Fusions Fic: Feel free to fuse or cross them over with any of my other favorite or requested fandoms. Also, the whole Black Cradle from Machineries of Empire holds intriguing possibilities for Heroic Spirits mythology.

Gilgamesh/Arturia Pendragon | Saber

These are a make it work pairing. Meaning, I like her saying no to his outrageous idea of how to propose to a woman, but I also like they’re thrown together stories or AUs or slow build and working through misunderstandings or in a shorter fic, the implied all that happening.

I’d prefer post-canon/AU Fate world rather than going back to either of their times. Even better if Gilgamesh didn’t actually try to destroy the world, and we don’t have to get over that too.

Specific DNW: corrupted Arturia, Arturia/Gilgamesh fluff without acknowledging even briefly how in the world they got over their differences to arrive there, an overly considerate fluffy or whipped version of Gilgamesh (I’m rather fond of his extremely flawed personality so long as he’s not full on burn it all to the ground and start over), soulmates/soulmarks (soulbonds fine).

SFW: Just the two of them connecting as Heroic Spirits. Arturia finding those points where Gilgamesh isn’t wrong and they don’t disagree, whether or not she wants to admit it, Gilgamesh admiring her spirit and devotion. Getting to see the sides of each other that are less obvious. I love when Gilgamesh is being legitimately kinglike and puts his ruler / builder / caretaker hat on, and I love Arturia’s selfless bravery and giving Gilgamesh a verbal takedown when he needs one most. So you know, learning each other, interacting over time.

NSFW: All the body worship, especially Gilgamesh to Arturia but either way. Gilgamesh is gorgeous. Also if Arturia’s thinking obligatory wedding night sex and he’s thinking lavish her with all the pleasure. If doing comfort sex, I’d prefer Gilgamesh comforting Arturia and in this world, okay, the FSN world can be as bad as it gets if he’s sincere about comforting her and she’s consensual about receiving it.

AU: Reluctant lovers in an arranged marriage or an unexpected soulbond (no soulmarks/mates for this pairing please).

There was an excellent AU where Servants were summoned as familiars of the great mage houses, but not in a war, so it provided some non-war opportunity to bond over their out-of-time and out-of-place while still disagreeing on almost everything. I love that they’re equals.

A modern royalty/arranged marriage AU where Arturia and Enkidu and Gilgamesh work out a poly arrangement and she does eventually find the lovable parts of Gil. There’s no way I can think of to make it in character for her to love him off the bat, but I can see them coming to good terms with some work and the right circumstances. And of course, smut is always good.


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