Confessions of a Frequent Lurker

When life goes bad for long stretches, I have a tendency to lurk so I’m not talking about doom, gloom, poor me, and all about me all the time. Nobody likes that, including me.

When health goes bad for long stretches, writing people directly gets a lot harder and I only do it on the upswings, which are unpredictable at best.

When things are super hectic at work, I also tend to talk less, because no time, no energy, I collapse into bed when the pile is done.

When I know I’m working on something highly visible, I tend not to talk because I’m worried I’ll be judged if I’m behind because there wasn’t enough brainpower/energy to do that but I managed a post on my blog.

That said, I’m working on MFD matching, crazy amount of stuff at work, and my worldbuildex fic, which is due. Tomorrow.

Yeah, not my finest week. But I’m gonna try to stop letting guilt stop me from ever saying anything because I miss people and it’s easier to keep going and not feeling unproductive and useless (often a self-fulfilling prophecy) if I stay emotionally up and talking to people. Just not writing for them.

I apologize everyone whose fic is on hold until after BSD Spring Fling and Multifandom Drabble. Soon.

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