I had great plans

And I spent most of my time this weekend reading and commenting and giving kudos for the Exchanges After Dark discord server’s birthday bash, which was a badfic and badart exchange. I have not yet doled out comment replies.

General update on the year’s writing goals (which I still haven’t gone back and finished adding stats for last year :grimace: ). Thirteen days in and we’re at:

  • 14 ficlets: 2 original, 12 fanfic
  • 54 original passing poems and 2 fannish bad poems that I am not counting
  • 0 short stories

And technically a little novel work too, which is good. So in short, not a bad start but not quite where I want to be. Still, I’m grateful.

I need to put a day of treating in on Fandom Stocking, I have a shortlist of candidates but yesterday, my brain wanted to write crack and uh, yeah, not what was requested. Also, can’t wait to shift to treating Chocolate Box.

I’m still reading Sun Knight. Hulu has been in and out and my favorite overstimulated-right-now crash method of watching singing competition shows has been largely cut off. I’m not happy. Also, since when did one trip to the nearby grocery store wipe me out this bad? Gotta do something to get my nerves back under control. I lost two hours to aftermath coping.

Hope you’re all doing well!

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