Lexember Wrap-Up: 45 New Akachenti Words

  1. sinti • verb, to do something reckless and ill-advised
  2. ndaji • verb, to fool, deceive, or trick someone
  3. à- • prefix, else, as in àvì, elsewhen
  4. ibas • noun, bread, charitable giving, alms
  5. ra • auxiliary verb, negates main verb, e.g. ahuá ira, “we weren’t asked”; incorporated as -r-, negates incorporating verb or noun, e.g. obrugáshi, “he’s no lover to me”; ágrato, “you didn’t meet with me”
  6. tagilit • noun, lit. “the small night, losing someone while they remain alive or happy, e.g. a breakup or falling out with someone, moving away and losing touch with someone, a drifting apart
  7. ataglito • verb, to lose touch with or lose a relationship with someone, connotes a desired relationship or not intentionally initiating the break
  8. kobi • noun, playing piece (in a game)
  9. iharàsh • noun, buyer or purchaser in a transaction
  10. iharáshi • verb, to be the designated trader or purchaser for another person, caravan, business, or organization, etc., implies being a representative of wealth
  11. ishot • noun, money
  12. ishotaget • payday, lit. “of money-night”
  13. veste • adj., wet, lit. “bewatered”
  14. idigàsh • noun, teller, speaker
  15. aklotabanglo • verb, lit. “to blood-bury”, to cover up, to hide something
  16. tagehlosi • adj. lit. “night-minded”, grieving, depressed
  17. ibre’digàsh • noun, whisperer, informant, someone who tells secrets
  18. abestigo • verb, to say in a hidden manner, to imply or intimate (for the hearer’s benefit), to threaten by implication or subtext
  19. iklati • noun, paint
  20. iklatàsh • noun, painter
  21. ihlakosàsh • noun, a player currently participating in a game
  22. soh • adjective, for a long time or having some history, of some years of age, e.g. asàsi soh, “I’ve missed you for a long time”
  23. ieseb • noun, the core area or heart of a city, either the most important to its modern functioning or the original part of it that persists
  24. vote • noun, north
  25. votànta • to be northward (from something)
  26. ikhus • noun, mountain
  27. ikhusebet • noun, mountain range
  28. shinungahe • resultative, (it’s) probably passed
  29. anungo • verb, to pass, to go by
  30. -gahe • suffix, probably, lit. “should true”
  31. usàti • adjective, (of a person) holding too much unofficial power to wisely oppose
  32. samekle • adj., polite and honorable
  33. brekesamekle • adj., sympathetic but not in overt support
  34. itos • def. noun, the rock, especially a large one; boulder
  35. toste • adj., burdened
  36. toset • 1. adj., heavy or difficult to carry or move; 2. adv., strenuous
  37. (i)takoset • adj., administrative, clerical, bureaucratic
  38. abaeshekho • verb, to study
  39. ibirit • noun, story or level of a building; an upper story, balcony, or overlook
  40. mashakhiet • adj., worshipful, reverential in a romantic or sexual context
  41. bìgahi • [ ˩bi:.gahi ] • adj., better, as in Inàti bìgahibasot. “Better the nàti (desert spirit) than the foreigner.”
  42. itokh • [ itox ] • noun, the local trade
  43. itakhet • [ itaxɛt ] • noun, trade with foreigners, the open market, exports
  44. ichoto • [ itʃoto ] • noun, silk
  45. angit • [ aŋit ] • noun, cave


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