Fandom Growth Exchange Letter

Thank you, dear creator, for making me something! I am truly appreciative of new material for my favorite characters and pairings and hope this letter is helpful to you.

Likes and DNWs

General Likes: tea, cats, established relationships with a ton of history behind them, expanding on the worldbuilding or character or relationship history, characters’ canonical competence—whether that’s watching them acquire their skills or ply them, characters geeking out on the things they love, languages or communicating around not sharing one, the aftermath of or recovery from or learning to live with permanent or major disability or injury.

General DNW: crossdressing, genderswap, embarrassment, horror, surprise scares, zombies, vampires, amputation, maiming, puncture wounds or gaping wounds, mind control, witchcraft terminology (non-witchcraft magic systems are fine), body-related humor, sickness-related yuck, bodily fluids other than blood, non-canonical infidelity/cheating or other betrayal, graphic violence or gore, unrequested non-canonical relationships. I also have no problem with assassination but do have a problem with murder. I know. Fine line.

Kink Likes: foreplay, arousal, desperate arousal, biting, nipping, bondage, breathplay, sensory deprivation, bloodplay, weapons play (especially the weapons associated with a particular character) with clean wounds, delayed orgasm, overstimulation, some D/s, situational power dynamics type dub-con, phone sex, wall sex, girl on top, very very quiet sex, using powers during sex, wing kink, consensual somnophilia, voyeurism, heat sex / mating cycles / kemmer / canon-compliant a/b/o, first time heat.

Kink DNWs: I’ll read but am not a fan of oral, cock rings/cages. Please don’t use stock porn phrases in dirty talk, scat, water sports, sex toys, bodily fluids other than blood (am fine knowing there’s fluids in sex, just don’t want to read any graphic descriptions at all), lifestyle D/s, ageplay, mpreg, consent play, incest, underage, non-canon compliant a/b/o or anti-omega prejudice, straight up dub-con, the endearment “babe” or “baby” if not canonical.

Trope Likes: superhumans, wingfic, living weapons, competence, soulmates, soulmarks (not names), soulbonds, secret relationships, sharing a bed, domestic fic, holiday fic, arranged marriage, fake marriage, friends/rivals to lovers, AIs and androids and living ships, etc. (no fleshy ships please), accidental relationships, time travel with consequences, fantasy/mythology AUs, missing sense (especially deafness or blindness), animal transformations/shapeshifter, brainwashing recovery/aftermath, amnesia, crossovers/fusions with a focus on worldbuilding or how the new characters change the shape of the world and story, canon-divergent AUs.

Trope DNWs: alternate gender norms, mind control, zombies, supernatural, daemons, post-apocalyptic, instalove.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Dazai Osamu/Nakahara Chuuya/Oda Sakunosuke (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Canon: I’ve seen the anime on Hulu, read bits and pieces of manga/LN materials, and osmosed some more.

Dazai/Chuuya/Oda canon-divergent or AU where Oda doesn’t die. I got sold on this threesome by an amazing suicide-murder fic and a cute Chuuya kisses Oda to make Dazai jealous and he ends up taking care of two overly drunk teenagers fic and there’s so little out there. Oda and Chuuya taking care of Dazai, Dazai wanting Oda to take care of Chuuya, Chuuya wanting Oda to help him make Dazai jealous or Dazai doing the same and them ending up in a threesome. Poly soulmates AU or an ill-advised drinking contest, or whatever you can think of.

Dance Academy

Abigail Armstrong/Wes Cooper

Canon: I’ve watched the series on Hulu but have not yet had a chance to watch the movie.

What I’d really, truly love to see is Barcelona and the whole initial attraction/flirt/Ethan won’t even talk about it stuff, or first time sex, or working together post-canon with him choreographing and her dancing and them figuring out ways to spend time together while both being workaholics and being fine with that. I love how well he knows her and the way they interact. I want so much more.

Abigail deserves all the comfort and love and she was grieving when she met Wes and blamed herself for falling for him anyway, and I’d love all the comfort/reconciliation/first time sex you can think of. If it’s her first time, canonically she kind of wanted that to be special, but she was always confident in what she wanted physically, and I’d love to see her personality shining through, even if it’s a little awkward and a learning curve.

I’d love to see her dancing and them working together. I always love established relationship, especially where you get all these little signs of how much they know each other and what each other likes and doesn’t, and sometimes they do stuff for each other that they don’t like because the other one does.

Phone sex is something they’re really well suited for and I’d love to see. I love the little connectivity issues that popped up on series and I could see them having technical issues and laughter and still managing to make it work and get off.


Canon: I’ve watched the anime and movie on Hulu and have consumed most of the manga Lost Small World, part of Memory of Red, a handful of the short stories including the Christmas one with the Weismanns and the Lieutenant, and a partial translation of Blaze.

Kokujouji Daikaku/Adolf K. Weismann

Worldbuilding: According to the Christmas 1944 short, the Dresden Slates have roman letters of “King” on them, were created with magic using the five elements, and were sealed so they would stop functioning until Weismann, Klaudia, and Kokujoji unsealed them partially. I would love snippets on how the Slates work or what happened the first time, how they were created, what went wrong that they got sealed, anything.

In the linked short and the anime, I loved the sibling relationship between Klaudia and “Addie” and their relationship with the Lieutenant and I’d love to see more of Weismann/the Lieutenant. You could feel the history between them, the affection, and how they considered each other in their decisions about what to do with the Slates or everything going on. I loved their history and how they interacted, the light banter, the serious conversations. I’d love to see moments they talked or interacted or visited in Japan before the events of K or something in the period where Shiro was recovering and the Lieutenant was dying. Yes, go ahead and break my heart with all the angst if you go with this one.

Kusanagi Izumo/Suoh Mikoto/Totsuka Tatara

So I love pretty much every combination of the Homura trio. They’re precious and sweet but also violent and dangerous and I love the way they get each other and are basically on equal footing despite all the clan-related power dynamics, and I love what each one brings to the table with each other, with Homura, and with raising Anna. I’d love to see pre-canon raising Anna or even earlier before they became clansmen, or first times and slowly realizing they all loved each other or an N+1 fic of accidental dates or kisses or aura stuff. I love how how they interrelate with their aura. I also wouldn’t mind AUs where everyone’s alive.

There’s a part of me that thinks they could have an open relationship where Mikoto has some one-night stands or a thing with Munakata and Kusanagi has his thing with Awashima but they’re all still together. I wouldn’t mind seeing them in an open or closed relationship. I love the idea of masochistic Mikoto or him liking being punished and would love to see smut with that. I prefer Mikoto as a top or switching with Kusanagi.

Yatogami Kurou/Yukizome Kukuri

These two are cute and sweet and I’d love just about any sort of fic for them. Maybe emotional hurt/comfort in the aftermath of the Ashinaka High School incident at the end of K. I’d love to see more of Kukuri becoming part of the family/friendship of Neko and Kuroh and maybe even an AU where she became a proper clansman because I couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t. Maybe some cooking and appreciating haiku, any kind of fluff or sweetness or moments in between canon for them.

Razor Sharp

Canon: A short film available on Vimeo.

I love these characters and the dialogue and the humor and the worldbuilding and the banged up heist operation and the relationships and every perfect scene. I just want so much more of everything. I love everything anyone’s ever written for this, but I always want more.

I’d love to know more about Tokyo, see Veronica loving shopping (“Your Macy’s card” cracks me up every time), the relationship she had with her father, or even her mental relationship with him now and the ghost presence he leaves in her working relationships because of his moral brand. I’d love to see her and Isis bonding, her becoming big sister/mom, dealing with Isis’ personal trauma and the aftermath of that.

Hurt/comfort, jumpiness, and even PTSD in the midst of child genius would be awesome. Isis bonding with Bruce or them going at each other/bantering over his equipment and her trying to fix it and him not appreciating it. I’d love anything here, so long as it’s gen.

Awesome dialogue would be my number one wish. I don’t write it half as well as the writer of Razor Sharp and I just LOVED the style of humor in here. Wouldn’t mind a crossover with Leverage if that makes it easier to write, as it’s a world of grifters, so yeah, but if that’s not helpful, no problem. Would love to see Veronica introducing Isis to Macy’s and Isis introducing Veronica to dumpster diving.

The Retired Angel of Death

Canon: A short story available in Capricious.

A retired assassin/operative who does food photography after she retires and has this delightful straightforward pragmatism. She was nine years old when she completed her first mission. She delights in sleeping in and being allowed to get fat. Honestly, this was my favorite short story I read last year. If you love characters like Natasha, the Black Widow, I highly recommend this story.

I’d love more on Brittany’s history with her handler, her start in the business, or stuff post-canon. Somehow I really like her handler and I loved her conversation with the little girl in the hospital. What if the girl calls the card? Or just how the visit affects her later.

The doctor recognizing Brittany’s physiology was a nice touch. Worldbuilding would also be wonderful.

To Kiss the Granite Choir

Canon: A short story available in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

I kind of adore all the hidden cultural connotations, the brotherly/friendly relationship between Imre and Eroico, but especially the huge cultural misunderstandings and obvious growing relationship with Cantiléna. I would love Cantiléna’s point of view, more Eroico being adorable, or (I would love you FOREVER) fix-it where Imre doesn’t completely transform and lose so much in the process. Goodness, I’d take worldbuilding meta for this story, I love it so much.

I love the idea of the Baremescre and their songs and I love the fact that Cantiléna falling for Imre seems to have a lot of social implications she’s conflicted about dealing with. I’d love to know what she was thinking when she first started falling for him, which seemed to be his impassioned words at their first encounter when he stole her song and you’d think she would have been upset about it enough to not be attracted. And I cannot tell you how much I’d love to know what was going through her and Eroico’s head as he was translating.

I can’t help but think the brother and sister are close and Eroico clearly loved the idea of Imre as a brother in law. Did he and Cantiléna talk all the time? Was that why he liked Imre so well?

And did I mention I’d adore fix-it where Imre didn’t misunderstand and go too far with the transformation and Ariosa didn’t die? I’d love, love, love seeing him and Cantiléna on equal footing and in a marriage at last where they could live as married. If that’s not something that interests you, I’d settle for canonical and it would be interesting to see how they worked out the power dynamics of him needing caretaking, him being better at song, and the pain of how to work out being married in their circumstances.

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