Fandom Growth Exchange 2017

Dear creator after my own heart,

I swear if you write anything for one of these pairings/fandoms, I will love you forever and reread regularly because I love every one of these to pieces and have very little for them right now. And I love everything I have for them now, there’s just not nearly enough of it.

Please don’t be intimidated by the wall of text. Take what you need, ignore the rest.

General squicks, triggers, and loves by category.


I like deep characterization and backstory, family, deep platonic bonds, worldbuilding, chosen family, digging into a character’s mental/emotional space, asexual romance, romance, established relationships, developing trust, character studies, identity exploration, character competence, fluff, angst, and situational humor.

Please don’t write embarrassment, graphic violence or gore, body-related humor, betrayal/infidelity, tragedy/deathfic, horror, character or ideology bashing, PWP (with plot, more than fine), first person fic, on-screen uncensored profanity. I also have no problem with assassination but do have a problem with murder. I know. Fine line.


I like soulmates, soulmarks (not names), soulbonds, secret relationship, sharing a bed, domestic fic, holiday fic, arranged marriage, fake marriage, friends to lovers, rivals to lovers, AIs, accidental relationships, time travel with consequences, animal transformations/shapeshifter, brainwashing, amnesia. I like well thought out crossovers and the occasional fusion, canon-divergent AUs more than total AUs.

I don’t mind coffee shop AU, school AU, reincarnation, historical AU.

Please don’t write alternate gender norms, mind control, zombie, supernatural, daemons, post-apocalyptic, instalove.


I like bondage, breathplay, sensory deprivation, bloodplay, weapons play, delayed orgasm, some D/s, situational power dynamics type dub-con.

I’ll read but am not a fan of pain play, dirty talk, oral, and cock rings/cages.

Please don’t write scat, water sports, bodily fluids other than blood, lifestyle D/s, ageplay, mpreg, consent play, incest, underage, a/b/o, straight up dub-con.


Dance Academy


Three seasons available on Hulu. Relationship appears in the third season.

Abigail Armstrong/Wes Cooper

I never thought I’d fall so hard for Abigail, and Wes won me over in one episode and I love the two of them so much. He knew her well enough to send her bubble wrap, and they were just so sweet together.

I’d really love to see more Wes/Abigail whether that’s post-canon or in between seasons when she was out in Barcelona and they fell for each other initially, especially considering Ethan won’t talk about it either. Or first time fic. Or romantic fluff. Or not first time fic, like reunion or established relationship sex. I’d love to see them happy. Abigail deserves all the happiness. I love that they get to work together too. If you’ve seen the movie, just don’t break them up please!

To Kiss the Granite Choir – Michael Anthony Ashley


A short story on Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Cantiléna of the Baremescre & Eroico of the Baremescre

I can’t help but think the brother and sister are close and Eroico clearly loved the idea of Imre as a brother in law. Did he and Cantiléna talk all the time? Was that why he liked Imre so well? I’d love to see their growing up or their story-time relationship or even post-canon. I love seeing family relationships. Eroico is pretty much my favorite character in the story, even if Cantiléna/Imre is my favorite relationship.

Imre Usaym Balgas/Cantiléna of the Baremescre

I love the idea of the Baremescre and their songs and I love the fact that Cantiléna falling for Imre seems to have a lot of social implications she’s conflicted about dealing with. I’d love to know what she was thinking when she first started falling for him, which seemed to be his impassioned words at their first encounter when he stole her song and you’d think she would have been upset about it enough to not be attracted. And I cannot tell you how much I’d love to know what was going through her and Eroico’s head as he was translating.

My dreamfic would be a fix-it AU where Imre figures out what he’s supposed to do without overdoing it so completely. Everybody lives, seeing their happily ever after. Alternatively, I’d love to see a post-canon look at their relationship and working through the marital issues around the events at the end of the story, like his general state of being, what that does for his singing ability and how they make a marriage work in light of it.

Doppelganger series – Marie Brennan


Short story backstory “Dancing the Warrior” on Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Author page for series books with links to retailers.

Dancers and warriors and magic and deep characterization and ethical issues and serious study of said magic and engaged deity and all of it, just yes, please.

Hyoka, Naspeth/Urishin – Merged, Nae & Satomi

I am fascinated by the entire new focus the Void ray is going to be taking on moving forward and how to incorporate this whole new aspect of Starfall’s culture. I want a post-duology story where the newly merged Naspeth-Urishin (preferably with a name) interacts with Mirei, where we see the new aspects to the Void ray or more research into Void magic, especially with Mirei, but also will take Naspeth-Urishin, or any of the canonical researchers, like Hyoka. I’m into the worldbuilding here and how this affects everything.

Also the whole change of how the Cousins relate to Starfall and the first boy, etc. Would love to see more of Nae and Satomi’s interaction and newly established being equals.

Eclipse/Mirei (Doppelganger), Kerestel & Seniade (Dancing the Warrior)

Alternatively, I LOVE the Mirei/Eclipse pairing and want more, more, more—characterization, intimacy, working out new boundaries considering Mirei is not really Seniade/Mirage but also Miryo, sorting out history from present relationship, adult situations yes please (whether first time or established relationship), and them working together at Starfall.

More about Sen and Kerestel’s history between “Dancing the Warrior” and the books would also be welcome. I love close friendships like theirs and how intense it was while being a partner relationship rather than a romance. I love partners and competence and mission fic and swordplay and fight scenes and really seeing closeness in a fic, and would love something for these two hunters.

食戟のソーマ | Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma


Manga free to read online

Lots of food porn and cooking competence and a fun set of characters.

Kurokiba Ryou/Nakiri Alice

Borrowing a prompt I saw elsewhere: These two could totally be a D/s pairing with Alice as the D. I get the feeling she sends major wild eyes cook Ryou off to deal with everyone else but really keeps the other side of him as in relationship with her. She has pretty much always made it clear that she dominates unless he wins some of it back in shokugeki. They would totally have cookoffs if he wanted dominance to see if he could “earn” it for a night or however long they’d put on the line.

Norn9 (Anime)


A single season of anime, available on Hulu

Nijou Sakuya/Kuga Mikoto

OMG, I like the main characters in this story, but it was Mikoto and Sakuya that had me crying and railing at the screen. The reason he promised not to love her, the tense scene he had to apologize for when he lashed out at her, and then someone else saved her. I get it that the show has her pretty much paired off with the other guy at the end, and I even understand it, but it makes me so angry to see Sakuya pushed out completely, they didn’t even seem like the closest friends anymore and they always had been.

I’d love to see reconciliation or togetherness or fix-it or anything that lets them be together post-canon, even if it’s not all out shippy. They have issues to work through. But I want hope for that and just them. I walked out of this anime shipping them so hard and couldn’t believe there was no fic.

Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)


Just the original Disney movie.

Tia Castaway & None (Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)), Tia Castaway & Tony Castaway (Escape to Witch Mountain (1975))

I always wanted an AU where they were taken to the chateau, “an island in a sea of blinding snow”, didn’t escape and see how they grew up, what they would do for Bolt, if they escaped later as adults or what happened when he died. Also, always thought it would make a seamless wonderful crossover with The People by Zenna Henderson. I’d especially love to see more of Tia’s thoughts and growth and using her powers. For a canonical post-canon take, I’d love to see what life is like for them in their new home and what they grow up to do. Didn’t like any of the movies other than the first one, though I did enjoy the original book. Please don’t use canon from the other movies.

The Fey – Kristine Kathryn Rusch


Fantasy book series (with lots of bloody violence) available on Scribd. While the overall worldbuilding storyline is incomplete still, each book finishes a story arc and leaves the characters at a suitable ending point for the most part. There are often years between books.

This series is full of awesome characters who aren’t always on the same side when you’re rooting for both and it’s bloodier than I usually like (yes, I skim the gore; please omit the gore from fic, please), but the WORLDBUILDING. I want all the backstory, all the character dynamics of growing up years we skipped, all the magic systems and how this actually works (coy, Powers, you, to say nothing of the Roca), and living on-screen history of the previous age with the Roca and his best friend and maybe their kids and betrayal okay if you write that fic, and why hasn’t anyone walked through a place of power to the third instead of hunting elsewhere for it? It makes no sense to tempt with that and not follow up. :huffs: So basically, anything and more?

Arianna & Jewel & Solanda, Arianna & Solanda, Jewel & Solanda

I’d love to see more of the growing up years. I love both of these characters, for all of their less lovable flaws. For all intents and purposes, they’re mother and daughter, and I’d love to see more of their relationship, the healthy loving side vs. the secret keeping one.

I would adore an AU where Jewel lived and you get to see the two women who don’t quite get along interact in caretaking/parenting Arianna. Yes, I know the whole Arianna and Jewel couldn’t have both lived, but what if. Considering the characters, it would be hard to pull a canon-compliant with the three (all three are not alive at the same time even after Jewel appears as a Mystery), but if you want to go that route and can figure it out, I’d love anything with the dynamics of these three.

Arianna/Coulter (The Fey)

I ADORE this pairing from beginning to angsty keep away inferiority complex to sharing minds to Arianna’s going to marry the guy and he’ll technically be king of Blue Isle. I want anything, in between the scenes, postcanon, honeymoon (PWP is really just fine), when she was in his head, really anything at all. I especially love feelsy relationship stuff, but I’m wide open here.

Coulter & Gift (The Fey)

I’d also love to see Coulter’s relationship with Gift if you’d rather. This platonic soulmate, brother/best friend relationship fascinates me, especially because the love there is real, even when they’re angry and unforgiving with each other. I’d love to see more of any point in canon except the angry, unforgiving part and more of their closeness. Any kind of chosen brothers fic or friendship fic or plotty whatever that pleases you. Character and relationship studies are my jam, so really anything.

Coulter | The Roca & The Roca’s former closest friend (The Fey)

The Roca is a part of so much history. There’s a lot of implied and stated history with him and his friend and it’s achingly in between the lines. I’d love to see what happened between them and considering how those weapons work and the whole legendarium around the soldiers of the enemy, what exactly happened with the magic they used to save the Isle (from others with magic), then Coulter turning on his friend. Or naming their kids after each other. Or friendship fic. Or family fic. Betrayal okay for this fandom. Deathfic too considering they became Mysteries and Powers not really dead. Post-Absorption Roca definitely interests me. That silly letter line makes me so curious. Where is Coulter now? The Powers said interesting things and I wonder if his friend went to see him after he was let out of the doll. I really want more of any time frame of the canon, pre, during, or post, but please no complete death of even the soul fic.

Winnie the Horse Gentler Series – Dandi Daley Mackall


A wonderful little kids series of eight books about horses and family. It’s lighthearted fun and best if you don’t take it too seriously. Starlight Animal Rescue is the follow-up series, a quartet, and this pairing appears in the last book of that, Dark Horse, complete with first kiss.

“Catman” Calvin Coolidge/Winnie Willis

Catman was always my favorite character in the series, though Winnie is delightful and technically the main. I loved how little sister Lizzie called it the first day they met too. They just get each other and are sweet and fit so well, and I’d love to see fic for them aged up post-canon. If you like Jake/Sam from the Phantom Stallion series, you’ll probably like these two.

Also, the cats! Would love to see more of the cats.

Avatar: Legend of Korra

Kuvira & Toph (Avatar)
Fic Prompts:

Toph is pretty much my favorite character from ATLA, and Kuvira is one of my absolute favorites from LOK. What can I say? I love strong women with strong convictions, even when they screw up royally. (See Rogue, Natasha, Abigail, Bobbi, and almost all of my real faves…) The first few episodes of season 4 LOK, I was backing Kuvira because yeah, she wasn’t perfect but she was the only one in-universe who did step up and everyone agreed she was actually better suited to rule than Wu. But she took authoritarian to an extreme and invaded Republic City and there you go, the season villain, even if some things didn’t entirely make sense in light of her general motiviations.

Which is why I’d love a take where she’s more complex than just villainous, even if she did get her value system turned around and put the Earth Kingdom above even Bataar Jr. when not everything she had in mind actually was best for the Earth Kingdom. She’s a ends justifies the means and took some of Zaofu’s flaws (creepy police state much?) to even further extremes in an attempt to “spread” its prosperity to the whole EK.

I would love to see precanon Toph training Kuvira or just meeting her when she visited Suyin and the kids in Zaofu. I’d love to see how they interact as semi-family, considering the whole complicated relationship Kuvira has with the family. I’m especially fond of metalbending and training scenes and their strong personalities and how Beifong Kuvira is, down to the incredible competence and arrogance. Though she’s a whole lot more idealistic than Toph for all her pragmatic execution.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing post-canon Toph and Kuvira if it doesn’t demonize Kuvira and recognizes a bit how much of a product of her upbringing and world Kuvira is. Figuring out how to be family again would bring warm fuzzies to my heart. Again, really love metalbending and competence and redemption arcs and mentorship/training scenarios, which this pair of characters is just ripe for.

Art Prompts:

Kind of the same as the art. I’d love to see metalbending competence, whether that’s Toph rehabilitating grown up Kuvira or helping train kid!Kuvira or giving pointers to a guard captain!Kuvira. Also always and forever love domestic Beifongs of any stripe. And if Kuvira/Bataar Jr. ever reconcile and get rehabilitated as far as their family’s concerned, Toph and a grandbaby wouldn’t be bad either.

Razor Sharp (2006)


Family fic, found family fic, heist fic, backstory… I’ll take just about anything for this fandom. It’s a 25 minute short movie (avail. free on Vimeo) about a banged up thief operation where Veronica Sharpe (who inherited the business and old family friend + Russian supercomputer sister from her dad) has morals and will happily grift some tech from a corporation but she doesn’t touch art and she certainly isn’t going to steal what sleazy Dex (played by the Pretender) has in mind. (Well, she will, but not hand it over afterward.)

Bryce & Dex & Veronica Sharpe & Veronica’s Father (Razor Sharp)

Yeah, that relationship must have been an interesting dynamic. Clearly, she learned the business from him quite a bit, if only through osmosis, and they have waaay different standards and she kept all his associates and what was their relationship like?

Dex and her dad obviously go way back and I’m curious about all the backstory for this movie of any variety, and how different WAS her father and how did those relationships get passed down and was he this amazing thief and just whatever you feel like. Truly.

Bryce & Isis & Veronica Sharpe (Razor Sharp)

I really have a hankering for chosen family fic with Isis settling into the family dynamic. I’d love to keep the humor and banged up nature of their operation and see more of the worldbuilding between the chinks of the short movie. Tech love, hacker shenanigans, mission fic, and Veronica backstory/continuing story all super, super welcome.

Hurt/comfort, jumpiness, and even PTSD in the midst of child genius would be awesome. Isis bonding with Bruce or them going at each other/bantering over his equipment and her trying to fix it and him not appreciating it. I’d love anything here, so long as it’s gen. Awesome dialogue would be my number one wish. I don’t write it half as well as the writer of Razor Sharp and I just LOVED the style of humor in here.

Bryce & Isis (Razor Sharp)

I would totally love to see him adopting her or them clashing over her trying to fix his decrepit old equipment or her learning from him or bantering/snarking at each other, or basically anything. I love the idea of these two interacting.

Bryce & Veronica Sharpe (Razor Sharp)

Bryce feels like adoptive daddy to Veronica, and I’d love to see more of their past together or Veronica getting into her dad’s business and what that history of working with her father does to their relationship, her rebellious streak, their teamwork, her accepting some mentorship or advice from time to time, or the story behind why he calls his supercomputer her sister, etc., etc., etc.

Dex & Veronica Sharpe (Razor Sharp)

There is sooooo much history here of the hate/love variety and he clearly likes having her around with that “pitter patter of designer feet” and tracked her Macy’s card (oh, how he knows her) and there was Tokyo (what happened in Tokyo?!) and he worked with her father which means she kind of inherited him, but nobody on her team liked him (with good reason), and I’d just love more of that history and how he sees her, views her, has worked with her.

Isis & Veronica Sharpe (Razor Sharp)

I would love to see Veronica introducing Isis to Macy’s and Isis introducing Veronica to dumpster diving or being girls together or Isis going through PTSD/being a kid and turning to an awkward, has no idea how to handle this Veronica. Or hero and sidekicking with funny, clumsy, awkward moments like in the short film. Or domestic fluffiness. Or angst. Or any kind of futurefic or chosen family fic or, okay, ANYTHING.

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